11 Cringeworthy Times Our Kids Threw Us Under the Bus

Liz Alterman | Jul 8, 2016 Being a Mom

Times kids threw us under the busAs much as we love our kids, most parents will admit that, at times, our adorable darlings are like tiny time-bombs, in that you never know what they might say. Whether they're talking to relatives, teachers, or even other moms in the carpool, they're apt to reveal anything that comes to mind -- most often at our expense.

You know that expression, Little pitchers have big ears? Well, even when you think kids aren't listening, they are. And, they're not afraid to repeat what they've heard at the most inopportune moments. 

We asked the CafeMom community to share the most memorable (and cringeworthy) moments when their kids threw them under the bus by revealing some embarrassing info that would have been better left unsaid.

Enjoy a laugh as you read some of these horrifying scenarios, and think of them as a word of warning the next time you open your mouth in front of the kids. 


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  • Mother-in-Law's Cooking Gets Roasted

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    "My mother-in-law is living with us and this made our house very uncomfortable for several days. I was complaining to my husband about her making all this food that is pretty nasty and winds up going to waste and how we needed to figure out a way to get her to quit cooking/baking and wasting food. I didn't realize our oldest was listening to us talk about it.

    My mother-in-law came home and shortly after started making some kind of pie. My daughter walks into the kitchen and informs her that 'Mommy says all the stuff you make is nasty and you just need to stay out of the kitchen.' Yeah ... I turned beet red and was REALLY hoping a hole would open up and swallow me! My mother-in-law was pissed and still refuses to do anything in the kitchen."

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  • Running Red Lights?

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    "Every time I make a right on red, my child likes to tell everyone I run red lights."

  • Snacks, Anyone?

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    "Last week we went to catch Jungle Book in the theaters before it's gone. Because it was a Tuesday and no one was at the theater, we had to buy our tickets at the concession stand. The manager was ringing us up for our tickets and asked, 'Any snacks or drinks?' Then my daughter said, 'No thank you, we already got all our stuff at Walgreens.' Sigh."

  • What's That Smell?

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    "It was my neighbor's turn to drive the kids to school. She had her two and my two in the car. Somehow farting came up. The mother said, 'Women don't fart.' My son, without missing a beat said, 'My mom farts all the time.'"

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  • What's in the Bath Water?

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    "When my daughter was 4, she told the cashier at the store that I like to pee in the bath. Then she proceeded to argue with me that yes, I do pee in the bath. I do not pee in the bath, but I do take green tea baths and she just wouldn't believe that it wasn't pee."

  • Speechless & Toothless

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    "I took my daughter (6 years old) to my son's baseball practice and she was chatting it up with another mom. The mother happened to be missing her front teeth and all of a sudden my daughter smiles very big and I hear her say, 'I'm missing my front teeth too! And the tooth fairy came.' I was so embaressed and changed the subject quickly!"

  • Pooper Scooper Alternative

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    "We were in Petco and my son asked the man behind us what he was buying. The man told him it was a pooper scooper, and my son informed him that we just throw our dog's poop over the fence."

  • 'Earrings Are for Girls!'

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    "My son was 3 and we were alone in an aisle at Walmart with a big hairy biker dude. My son is eyeing him and shouts, 'Mom! That man has earrings! Earrings are for GIIIIIIRRRRLLLSSSS!' Yep, I grabbed those paper towels and left the aisle before I could see his response."

  • They're Always Listening

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    "I didn't want to go to a certain gathering because I didn't enjoy the company. My husband took my kids and when asked where I was, my youngest totally enthusiastically exclaimed, 'Mommy doesn't like coming here.' Ouch! That's when I learned that kids are listening, even when you think they're not." 

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  • Can't Wash a What??

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    "My husband had a friend in the army who had this awful old car. Everyone made fun of it. Once, at our house, someone asked him why he didn't wash it, and he said, 'You can't wash a turd.' Everyone laughed.

    "So a few days later, I'm at the beauty salon with my toddler son and this sweet old lady had been talking to him because she thought he was adorable. Then when her hair was done she asked him, 'How do I look?' and he replied, 'Well, you can't wash a turd.'

    "I could not get out of there fast enough. I just kept saying I was sorry over and over again. I never went back there again."

  • Fender-Bender

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    "I got into a little fender bender with my 2-year-old in the car a week ago. I was pulling out of a parking spot into traffic, and I didn't measure the distance correctly or something, so I ended up making a dent on the back door on his side. The truck didn't receive any damage, so the driver was very kind and told me not to worry about it. I was going to tell my husband that I was hit while parked and didn't know what happened to avoid further confrontations (we are not on friendly terms at the moment). As soon as we got home, my toddlers tell his dad, 'Mami hit truck ... Bump ... Noises ... Mami car hit ... Mami hit truck,' and then throws his arms in the air." 

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