11 Cringeworthy Times Our Kids Threw Us Under the Bus

Times kids threw us under the busAs much as we love our kids, most parents will admit that, at times, our adorable darlings are like tiny time-bombs, in that you never know what they might say. Whether they're talking to relatives, teachers, or even other moms in the carpool, they're apt to reveal anything that comes to mind -- most often at our expense.


You know that expression, Little pitchers have big ears? Well, even when you think kids aren't listening, they are. And, they're not afraid to repeat what they've heard at the most inopportune moments. 

We asked the CafeMom community to share the most memorable (and cringeworthy) moments when their kids threw them under the bus by revealing some embarrassing info that would have been better left unsaid.

Enjoy a laugh as you read some of these horrifying scenarios, and think of them as a word of warning the next time you open your mouth in front of the kids. 


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