10 Unapologetic Truths Single Moms Wish Everyone Knew

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A few months ago, a virus hit our family and took me and my two kids down. My husband, who has an immune system of steel, took care of us all as the puking started. I was so grateful to him and I couldn't help but wonder how single parents survive stomach bug season. It seemed impossible to me that we survived this sickness together, and I have so much respect for moms who are doing this on their own. 


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Single moms are basically parenting rock stars in my world. Co-parenting has its challenges, of course, but having another adult in the house to share the load makes me a better mom for sure. 

I talked to some single moms about what their life is like and what they wish other moms knew about the truth of being a single parent. From how close single moms are with their kids to the weird connotations people place on single mothers -- the world seems to have a lot to say about women who are raising kids on their own. But the truth is, we all are just trying to do our best to raise good kids. Read on for these women's candid thoughts on the highs and lows of being a single mom -- and why we should never judge them. I know I don't.


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