13 Stay-at-Home Moms Share Their Sanity Savers (So You Don't Lose Your Sh*t)

Wendy Robinson | Jun 28, 2016 Being a Mom
13 Stay-at-Home Moms Share Their Sanity Savers (So You Don't Lose Your Sh*t)

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Summer is here! Time for swimming and ice cream and trips to the park. And, of course, time for stay-at-home moms to figure out how to stay sane as they face long, hot days home with the tiny people are who are actively trying to make us crazy. 

And who better to give stay-at-home moms advice than other moms who are in the trenches?

Read on for the funny, smart, and oh so real advice for SAHMs from SAHMs. I guarantee you'll find something helpful here, no matter how bonkers your kids are making you feel. 

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  • Embrace the Screen

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    "Cartoons on iPad. With headphones on, so I don't have to hear them. Sometimes you need a break!" -- Tracy R.

  • Daytime Babysitters

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    "Spend the money on a babysitter during the day every once in a while. Learn to make a new summer cocktail and drink one daily. Have a picnic playdate in your back yard. Potluck so you don't have to host an elaborate event. Make a list of things to do so that when you find you have a free day, you can pick one." -- Tricia N.

  • Nap Time

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    "Utilize nap time to get important things done. Like watching The Bachelorette and Mistresses. This is also a good time to break out the good ice cream that you do not share." -- Mellisa J.

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  • Treat Yourself

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    "Hire older kids for a buck an hour to play with your kids while you are at home. Do babysitting swaps with other moms. Date nights. Invite in the idea that you get to do some stuff for yourself without feeling crappy about it. Teach your partner to ask, 'What do you need right now?' as soon as they walk in the door. Get paid for being a SAHM. I was first paid each pay period so I had my own money." -- Sarah T.

  • Embrace the Mess

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    "Give up on a clean house. Unless you have babies, make sure the kids do something to help in the house or yard each day. Get a pool pass if you can afford it. Try to swap babysitting with another mom. Make smoothies for breakfast on hot days. You don't have to entertain kids every minute; it is okay for them to be bored. Visit libraries on hot days; if you are in a city you can explore multiple branches." -- Jessica G.

  • The Park

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    "Parks and playgrounds are your new best friend. Tell your kids to play and then just let them. Don't push them on the swings or play with them, make them find their own way to play. They will, and it'll also teach them independence and how to entertain themselves, which comes in handy when it's raining and you can't go to the park!" -- Melanie M. 

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  • Be Bored

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    "Let kids be bored early in the summer -- they will figure it out and find things to do. Save the exciting things [for] August. Get outside in the morning for fresh air/energy release. Buy a family pass to state parks and museums and use it well. Sign up for every summer reading program possible and always have a giant stack of books in the house. My rule: If you say you are bored/complain about nothing to do, you get a chore to do." -- Jennifer L. 

  • Playdate Power

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    "Trading weekly playdates with a friend. When my kids are gone it's heaven. And when the friend is here the kids stay busy and out of my hair!" -- Tracy R.

  • Mom Time

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    "Treat yourself to something special now and then. A massage is great but even a Starbucks can make you feel pampered (and the caffeine will help you make it through the day!)." -- Cathy H.

  • Chores

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    "My kids are working towards something and need to help out each day with all the little things that are such a time suck -- tidying up, sorting through old things, packing snack for outings, folding laundry, watering the garden. My son is particularly motivated as he wouldn't be able to buy what he has an eye on." -- Christina S. 

  • About Those Expectations...

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    "This is my advice for all parenting challenges: Lower your expectations. Accept that your house is going to be messy and that you will lose your temper somethings. This is hard work!" -- Annie D.

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  • Schedule

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    "We live and die by our schedule. Everything goes better when we stick to our routine: Mondays at the library, Tuesday at the pool, and so on. Kids do better when they know what to expect." -- Chloe D.

  • Get Some Religion

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    "Day camp, or if you're broke, vacation Bible school -- any and all denominations. LOL. Yes, I might laugh, but I resorted to this when we were in the process of moving and I couldn't afford a babysitter and had to pack up my whole house." -- Trudie E.

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