12 Moms Share How They 'Came Out' to Their Children

If you ask my 8-year-old son about why one of his friends has two moms, he'll probably stop teasing his little sister long enough to inform you that there are a lot of ways to make a family. 


According to fairly recent statistics, my son is right. Almost 40 percent of people who identify as LGBT have a child, which raises some interesting questions about how and when LGBT parents start the conversation with their kids about what it means to be a family that doesn't look like everyone else. 

I reached out to some moms who identify at LGBT and heard their touching stories of how they "came out" to their kids. I can't read these stories and not feel ever more certain that love is love is love. 

Read on for the candid truth about this sometimes challenging -- and sometime easy -- part of being an LGBT parent. 


Image via Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

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