12 Things Never to Say to LGBTQ Families (Seriously, Stop It ... )

LGBT family

When my step-son told me that he was gay, it wasn't a surprise or disappointment. It was a confirmation of something we'd suspected and it was something that we celebrated as just another piece of what makes him an amazing guy. 


I've never wished for him to be anything other than who he is, but I do sometimes wish that people would stop asking some of the same annoying questions when they learn that I have a gay step-son.

For the record: no, we're not disappointed and yes, we do still hope to have grandkids some day. 

For families with LGBT parents and/or children, it can be frustrating to constantly have to deal with invasive, rude, and sometimes just stupid questions and comments. So consider this post your list of things to STOP saying to the LGBT families you know. I promise you they'll be grateful! 


Image via iStock.com/ Pekic

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