11 Women on What They Love Most About Being a Working Mom

Wendy Robinson | Jun 9, 2016 Being a Mom
11 Women on What They Love Most About Being a Working Mom

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Every morning I give my kids a hug and kiss and go to work, just like over 60 percent of American moms. Even though balancing work and family can be tough, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm not sad when I leave the house in the morning -- I love being a working mom.

I realize that I'm fortunate that I have a job that I love and that makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the world. But I also know that I'm not alone in feeling like there are some things about being a working mom that are awesome. Whether it is the thrill of literally saving lives or the fun of having a good reason to have a rocking wardrobe, 11 moms give us the scoop on the big and small joys that come from maintaining a career.

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  • Makes Kid Time Special


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    "I like having time where I'm with adults, having uninterrupted (by toddler) adult conversations about adult topics. I like that my job gives me work that is engaging, challenging, and appealing to my interests outside of motherhood. I like that working makes every moment with my toddler precious, even the less pleasant times." -- Rachel W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Using My Brain


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    "What I like most: using my brain. I know I'm using my brain when I'm home with the family, but I just really like analyzing data and thinking about how to communicate ideas. I like trying to dig in to data and extract the truth (or at least the least-biased version of the truth)." -- Marta S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Making the World Better


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    "Best part of being a working mom? I am doing a job that I find meaningful and using the skills I spent decades developing. I am doing my small part to make the world a better place. I like the people I work with. They are smart and interesting and share my values. I also get paid pretty well which allows me to have a nice house and money left over for travel and a few nice things." -- Leslie B., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Scientist at Heart


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    "I am a scientist at heart, and -- most days -- I love my work. But the other interesting component is that because I work outside the home, I think I'm a better parent, and because I'm a parent, I'm a better scientist. These two components of my life are pretty intense, but they provide a break from each other. Although not so much when it comes to logistics -- missing kid games, performances, staying up late to finish projects, etc. I also like setting an example for my kids to show them one way that I'm good at for trying to make the world better." -- Christine S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • I Love Working


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    "I can't imagine myself without working -- I love my job and I like to be busy and doing things and I have committed myself to making the world a better place however I can. I don't know that there was even a second in my whole life that it occurred to me that I might not work. I LOVE that my daughter sees the work I do as important, and knows I'm smart and capable and committed (none of these things are exclusive to my working at all but you know what I mean) and that she's getting a good view on how doing housework and running a family are equal opportunity endeavors, because my husband does WAY more of that stuff.

    I also like that it's clearly a more efficient distribution of our family resources, because I am ambitious and he is decidedly NOT, and he has infinite patience for playing games and going to kid activities and I just don't." -- Katie K., Overland Park, Kansas

  • Better Mom


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    "I like being a working mom because I think a little time away from my 1-year-old makes me a better mother. It keeps me from getting frustrated with little 'baby being a baby' moments that can otherwise build up and start to aggravate me.  

    I generally enjoy my work and feeling engaged with students and other scientists and conservation practitioners. And because I invested a LOT in getting that damn PhD and don't want to become yet another PhD who drops out of the workforce when she becomes a mother.

    I want to set a good example for my daughter and have her feel proud of her mother's work." -- Laura L., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Role Model


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    "Favorite thing about being a working mom: my daughter's views of what a woman does, and what a healthy relationship looks like. My first grader recently learned that not every dad does all of the day-to-day stuff her dad does and was appalled. Her thought: 'I need to keep this in mind when I pick out my husband.'" -- Kristy P., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • I Save Lives


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    "I always knew I'd be a working mom -- I didn't go to med school to stay home! For me, as a doctor, I have a chance to make people's lives better, and so I can contribute to the world more by working than I could by staying home. I'm also really good at what I do and I wouldn't be as happy just being on kid duty all the time." -- Helena Q., Toledo, Ohio

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  • Cute Clothes


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    "There are a lot of reasons I work, but I'll confess a shallow thing I like -- the clothes! I like having an excuse to keep my wardrobe looking fresh. And I think I'd be a frump if I stayed home. I can be lazy about my looks on the stay home days." -- Kristin D., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Appreciating the 'Village'


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    "I appreciate having other people in my kids' lives, and the gift of their being with teachers all day who are trained professionals and are drawn to working with kids. I don't feel like this is a strength for me.

    I love working. Solving problems, being challenged by what I do every day, and hopefully having an impact is absolutely vital to me. I don't think staying home with my kids would provide this kind of fulfillment for me, although I know that for some parents it absolutely does.

    Finally, I love knowing that I can support myself and my family, no matter what happens. I love and trust my husband and we have a strong partnership but I've seen too many unexpected things happen to others in my life to want to give up building my resume, earning potential, and network for any chunk of time if I don't have to." -- Cassi J., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • He 'Leans Out'


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    "I like that my husband and I are 50/50 on everything. We constantly pick up each other's slack. If I stayed at home, he would likely work longer hours to support us and I'd end up taking care of pretty much everything at home. By my working, it has allowed him to 'lean out' at work a bit and be more present for our family." -- Leslie B., Boulder, Colorado

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