13 Moms on Instagram Who Give Us Natural Parenting #Goals

13 Moms on Instagram Who Give Us Natural Parenting #Goals

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There's nothing like scrolling through Instagram to get a little positive (and exquisitely photographed) parenting inspiration, and that's especially true if one is looking for motivation to go a bit greener. Lots of natural-minded mamas are giving us serious goals on Instagram these days, and after taking a look at their accounts, many folks might just find themselves whipping up some organic snacks and packing up the eco-friendly sunscreen for a family hike through the woods! 

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So what is it about these organic-loving mamas that we love so much? We love a little aspirational Instagram stalking, but more importantly, we like that these women value their kids' bodies and what goes into them. Not only that, but secretly we love their product recommendations and their recipes (can we get a "praise hands" emoji up in here?) -- and some of these mamas are hilarious! Want to know which Instagram accounts are worth a follow? We found some of our favorites and are willing to share.

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Read through our slideshow to meet some of the hippest, healthiest matriarchs of Instagram -- then make the family a snap-worthy kale salad and post a pic or two!

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