13 Funny Texts Between Parents & Kids That Make Us LOL

Liz Alterman | May 30, 2016 Being a Mom
13 Funny Texts Between Parents & Kids That Make Us LOL

Parents Shouldn't Text

We've all seen those hilarious text fails that are usually the product of that blessing and curse autocorrect. But some messages between parents and kids are laugh-out-loud funny all on their own. We've all been there -- someone accidentally sends the wrong response to the wrong person and all heck lets loose. But when it's parents and their kids, the results are ... well, "SO EMBARRASSING," is what the kids would say.

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There is no telling what these parents will text their unsuspecting children. And no one has made more of a mockery of modern texting language than moms and mads. Just FYI, "LOL" does not mean "Lots of Love," and we don't even want to spoil which emoticon got a 15-year-old boy in deep trouble with his mom! The answer might just convince a mom to take away her son's cellphone.

From simple misunderstandings to wildly inappropriate use of acronyms and symbols, these messages would make anyone's day -- and maybe remind parents to double-check before they hit that send button! 

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Take a look at these hilarious text fails. May they be a lesson to us all. 


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