14 Dads Get Candid & Sweet Describing Their Favorite Photos With Their Kids

Wendy Robinson | May 17, 2016 Being a Mom
14 Dads Get Candid & Sweet Describing Their Favorite Photos With Their Kids

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When it comes to making me melt, there are few things more effective than seeing a cute picture of my husband with one of our kids. He's a great dad, and seeing pictures that capture how much he loves our little rascals always makes me smile.

What also makes me smile? This slideshow filled with pictures of loving dads -- chosen by the dads themselves! Read on for the sweet and silly reasons each one is close to the dad's heart.


Image via Rachel Moreno/Helios Photography

  • Nighttime Visitor


    "I like this picture because it was a real moment. Even though I appreciate it when everyone sleeps in their own bed, I secretly cherish our surprise overnight guests." -- J.H.

  • Rare Moment


    R. Weaver

    "I like that this is three generations of my family. I also like that it seems like a rare moment for my father. He comes off as a bit of a stoic at times but he is secretly a softy." -- A.W.

  • See the World


    L. Ten Elsof

    "This is on the way to the airport to go to China. I got to take my little girl to China and that's something I never thought I'd be able to do with my kids." -- C.N.

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  • First Hour


    "This is my first time holding my first child. I was afraid because he was so tiny and I'd never held a newborn before!" -- B.M.

  • My Boys


    Heidi Berger

    "I like that this picture shows me and my boys together, laughing and having a good time together." -- H.B.

  • A Little Buddy



    "My little buddy! He is a big kid now but I still like to be affectionate with him, even though I don't get as many kisses as I used to." -- M.A.R.

  • My Artists


    C. Huang

    "This is me with Christmas gifts made out of my kids' artwork." -- C.H.

  • The Giant


    Ara Elizabeth

    "I like the playfulness of this picture. I think playfulness is what dads are best at. And that sunflower was a total anomaly, like it seriously grew out of a small crack in our front sidewalk. The kids called it 'the giant.'"-- M.S.

  • Stare Down


    L. Dukes

    "I like that E. (who was nervous) was hugging me while O. is giving the photographer the stare-down." -- C.D.

  • Give Her a Lift


    Grace T.

    "She won't always be little, but I'm always going to be there to pick her up when she needs it. Shoulder rides don't last forever unfortunately." -- J.T.

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  • Small Moment


    Sarah Hudson photography

    "I love this little moment. He is growing up so fast but sometimes he still reaches out for his dad. And, yes, those are real typewriters and we are really using them!" -- R.W.

  • Very Grand


    Laura Nagore

    "I like that I was there when she had her first glimpse of something so impressive (the Grand Canyon). I'm glad I got to show it to her." -- C.N.

  • Telling Stories


    Alice S.

    "This picture warms my heart -- story time is not just about reading words and their meaning. It's about togetherness, telling stories, and listening to each other." -- W.S.

  • The Bond


    Sarah Hudson Photography

    "This is my favorite picture because it truly shows how close my daughter and I are. I was deployed for the first year of her life and missed all of the big moments, but I believe that has made the bond between us even stronger. This pictures shows it in a way words can't describe." -- A.C.

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