10 Amazingly Selfless Things All First-Time Moms Do Without Thinking

mom with sleeping baby on sofa

By Leah Maxwell

There’s a lot you can do to prepare for motherhood – read all the books, consult all the message boards, take all the classes – but once your baby’s here, you’ll learn soon enough that your parenting skills really shine when you’re facing the unexpected. And that practically superhuman ability to cope with just about anything (without missing a beat!) is one of the greatest gifts your baby can give you.

So this Mother’s Day, take a moment (perhaps while alone in the bathroom, if you’re allowed that luxury in honor of the special occasion) to reflect on some of the amazing things all moms selflessly – and instinctively – do for their babies.


1. A perfect mom will always have a tissue on hand, but a real mom will use her own shirt if she has to. 

2. Your water bottle is aaallll the way across the room, but you’re cool to let your eyeballs shrivel from dehydration because you’re trapped under a sleeping baby who’s too sweet to wake. 

3. You never go anywhere (even within your own house) without a stash of clean Pampers diapers in reach. And away from home, you’ve changed diapers in places you wouldn’t even change your own expression.

4. “Me time” now consists of listening to the humming of your breast pump while you fantasize about getting a full night’s sleep.

5. You enthusiastically point out every fire truck and choo-choo train you see while driving (sometimes before you realize you’re alone in the car).  

6. You spent your birthday money on a cute outfit...for the baby.

7. You agree to carefully relocate the spider outside rather than drop a piano on it and light the house on fire.

8. You’re wearing a pasta necklace in public because the toddler who made it thinks it’s the prettiest thing you own.  

9. Your entire music library is now dedicated to songs about dinosaurs and the alphabet and why it’s important to eat your vegetables.

10. You check for dirty diapers by getting your face real close to the butt in question and taking a nice deep sniff.

What selfless acts of motherhood have you committed lately?


Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.  

Image ©iStock.com/Alberto Pomares

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