Julie Bowen's Mother's Day Plans Make Her the Cool Mom Friend of the Year

Julie bowen talks Mother's Day motherhood, skin care

Fans of Modern Family probably already think of this lady as a hilarious, hands-on mom after watching her portray Claire Dunphy for the past seven seasons, but it turns out actress Julie Bowen is even cooler in real life. The 46-year-old mom of three boys shared her Mother's Day plans which, in our opinion, should win her the award for Mom of the Year.


CafeMom had a chance to speak with the Emmy winner and mom to Oliver, 9, and twins John and Gus, who will celebrate their seventh birthday on Mother's Day.

On that note, can you guess how one of our absolute favorite TV moms will be spending her special day? Playing host to 30 children at a gym for her boys' birthday party! As if that weren't enough to nominate her for sainthood, Bowen is taking her awesomeness a step further.

"As a gift to the moms for Mother's Day, I have hired a shuttle bus to drive the kids there so the parents don't have to do it because it's way out in the middle of nowhere," Bowen laughs, adding, "These parties should be for kids and the idea that the parents are supposed to be standing around enjoying them is kind of crazy."

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Sounds like something Claire would say, doesn't it? Wondering if the two are similar in real life? We asked the actress, who won our hearts almost two decades ago as Carol Vessey on Ed, if she's picked up any parenting tips from her on-screen alter-ego. Bowen says she's been inspired by Claire's no-nonsense style of discipline, referencing Modern Family's pilot episode in which Claire and husband, Phil, must make time in their busy schedules to shoot their son with a BB gun -- the punishment they'd warned him about if he shot anyone with the weapon.

While she hasn't experienced that exact scenario -- yet -- Bowen says Claire's die-hard spirit inspires her.

"I am going to follow through and I don't care what that means or what that looks like to the neighbors," the actress says. "I've had moments where I've told my son if he continues to eat like an animal he's going to have to eat outside and I've locked the door. He's howling and I can only imagine that the neighbors think I'm an absolute child abuser, but I'm like, 'No, no!' Claire did, I can do it. I'm doing it.'"

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While Bowen may follow Claire's lead as far as being true to her word, the actress says she and her character are very different when it comes to how they start the day.

"Claire comes down for the morning rush, it's breakfast and everybody's running out the door, and she has makeup and cute shoes on and I'm like, 'Huh? I have to come in at 5 a.m. to get through hair and makeup. I don't ever look that good first thing in the morning and I can't ever get it together that fast!'"

Still, the Neutrogena Brand Ambassador looks pretty flawless to us. Her secret?

"My priorities are: wash face, retinol, sunscreen, mascara," says Bowen, who admits she uses her rearview mirror to pluck her eyebrows -- but only when she's stuck in absolute stand-still traffic.

When it comes to her kids, the Southern California girl relies on sunscreen to keep them from getting burned. 

"I like the sticks because they don't drip or get gooey," she says. Continuing her traveling skincare regimen, the busy mom passes them out while the family is in the car as well. "And you've got to make sure to get the top of the ears," she adds.

As far as other parenting advice, Bowen, who survived having three kids in two years, says people were constantly telling her to appreciate every moment because "it will go so fast."

Meanwhile, the actress jokes that she was actually thinking, "'No, it won't. I can't get through it fast enough.' But it gets better. I don't want to rob from the LGBT community, but it definitely gets better."

Having a great sense of humor probably doesn't hurt either! Happy Mother's Day to a mom we admire IRL and on the screen.


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