#ThankYouMom Video Is a Beautiful Ode to a Mom's Power

P&G 'Strong Mothers' Rio 2016 Olypmics

In life, there's often adversity that challenges our inner will. And through it all, there's a voice we hear that gives us the courage and determination to keep on going. It's the voice we've heard our whole life -- the one who's guided us through storms and celebrated us in victory. It's the voice of our mother. This touching video of Olympic athletes and their moms proves that "it takes someone strong to make someone strong."


Probably all of us have learned to fight because we had someone fighting for us. The next two minutes you're about to see (you might want to grab some tissues, 'cause it's that good) serves as a beautiful reminder of the power moms have, and is a testament to the power of motherhood, its influence, and its ability to inspire a generation.


Watching this video stirs up something inside of me that's a little hard to put into words. For all the moments in my life when I felt hopeless -- like giving up -- I'm reminded of the sweet words of encouragement, an embrace, and a nudge my mom gave me to keep on going. And, now that I am a mother myself, I can only hope that I pass the torch to my kids that will both empower and equip them with the same relentless spirit.

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There's something about motherhood that awakens strength inside of you. You become a protector, an advocate, and a source of inspiration to the people you love -- especially your children. You learn to put their well-being above your own, and will do any and everything in your power to bring their dreams into fruition.

That's both the gift and beauty of being a mother. We become a guiding light for our children that helps them realize their potential, hone it, and turn it into something wonderful.

I'm thankful to be in this sisterhood of strong women. I'm thankful for the fight in me I've developed over the years. And, more importantly, I'm so thankful for the woman I'm proud to call mom.

Thank you, Mom.




Image via P&G (Procter & Gamble)/YouTube

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