6 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate a Single Mom on Mother's Day

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While many of us moms (who have spouses and partners) sleep in on Mother's Day or go get a massage, our single mom friends might be doing what they always do: getting up early and taking care of their kids solo.


Wondering what you can do to make a single mom's day? I spoke with some single moms and found out what they really want for Mother's Day. Consider this your guide if you want to show you care to a single mom in your life, whether she's your own mom, a friend, or a neighbor:

1. Acknowledgement

Probably all moms want to hear that they are doing a good job, and single moms are no exception. As Alyce R. from San Francisco, California, says, she'd really like "the standard: 'I see you being such a good and loving mom.' Acknowledgement."

Cindy W. of Cary, North Carolina, echoes these thoughts, noting that "a simple 'hey, you're doing great!' is pretty uplifting."

Consider a thoughtful card or a handwritten letter praising her parenting. It might mean more than you realize.

2. Pampering

Something indulgent like a pedicure or a massage is often considered the gold standard of Mother's Day gifts. But without another full-time adult around, it can be tough for a single mom to take time for herself. Janelle G. of Toledo, Ohio, suggests that friends or family members offer to "take the kids for a while so I can have time alone. Even just a morning playdate so I could run errands would be amazing. A playdate and a gift certificate for a massage would make me love you forever."

3. Photo Session

Faith H. from Des Moines, Iowa, says, "As a single parent, I am always the one taking pictures of my boys. I'm only in the picture if it's a selfie. Last year, my mom got me a gift certificate for a family photo session. It meant so much. First, it was an acknowledgement that yes, we are a family, and second, it gave me a chance to be in the picture for a change."

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4. Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for the restaurant industry, and who doesn't love a nice brunch? Melissa S. from Phoenix, Arizona, recalls that one of her favorite-ever gifts was a surprise delivery of pancakes and bacon for her and her three boys on Mother's Day morning. "I'm not going to take myself out for breakfast, so when my cousin sent me pancakes, bacon, and coffee from our favorite diner, I was so touched."

Whether it's arranging a delivery or inviting her to join you for a brunch, making sure a single mom gets to have a special breakfast -- that she doesn't have to make herself -- is an awesome idea.

5. Time Alone

If there's a mother who doesn't wish for some time to herself, I haven't met her yet. Parenting is draining, and those rare times when you can get a break are a big deal -- even more so when you are always on as a parent.

Jessie M. from Tampa, Florida, shares, "A friend of mine invited both of my kids over for a slumber party and it was amazing. I got a whole night to myself. I ordered in, watched bad TV, and fell asleep by 10 p.m. It was heaven. I'd love nothing more for Mother's Day than to get that all over again."

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6. Gratitude

Amy A. from Phoenix, Arizona, was raised by a single mom after her father died. She says she always makes a point to not only send her mom flowers but also to "show her and tell her how grateful I am for how strong she was when I was a kid." Amy shares, "It wasn't until I became a mom that I got just how much of a struggle it must have been. I tell her, in writing, every year how much she means to me."

The bottom line seems to be that whatever you'd like for Mother's Day, a single mom would probably be grateful for as well -- only she might not have another adult around to make it happen. So let's show some love to the single moms we know!


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