15 Things Our Parents Did That We'll Never Do as Moms

15 Things Our Parents Did That We'll Never Do as Moms

fighting parentsIf you're really, really lucky, you love everything about the way your parents raised you and are trying your best to follow their example now that you're a mom. If you're like everybody else, however, you probably take issue with at least a few of the things your parents did when you were growing up -- and are trying your best to avoid making the same mistakes with your offspring!

We reached out to friends and readers of The Stir to find out what things their parents did that they'd never dream of doing as moms, and found that plenty of us are carrying around a fair share of baggage -- but the good news is, at least our parents taught us what not to do! Click through our slideshow to see if any of these stories ring true for you, too. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, our sources chose to stay anonymous. Well, would you want to have that convo with your mom?)


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  • Love & Affection


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    "My parents were not very loving. Not too many hugs and kisses. I shower my kid with hugs."

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  • All That Glitters


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    "My mom used to move the ornaments I put in the Christmas tree when she thought I wouldn't notice. I hated that."

  • Constant Conflict


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    "My parents argued constantly and screamed at each other and then I would have to hear about it all again. My mom would come to apologize to me for it, and it would end up as her telling me every detail (like I didn't hear it myself) and explaining how it was all my dad's fault. I tried to explain to her how it was actually her fault, or how regardless of fault she could have avoided the argument, [and] she would become insulted and then start fighting with ME. They still fight, and she still does this. [My husband] and I do not fight. Period. End of story. I will allow my children to see that we have differences of opinion from time to time. But they will not see us scream at each other, because we don't, and I will not pin them against him. I will make sure they DAILY see that we love each other, and that we consider each other's needs above our own."

  • Kitchen Confidential


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    "My mother never taught us how to cook or even let us help her in the kitchen. I was 25 before I knew how to make anything besides ramen."

  • Everybody Hurts


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    "I won't ignore my child's mental illness if they have one."

  • Living on a Prayer


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    "I was forced to go to church. Now I don't go at all. But I'll allow my kids to choose what and how they believe. If they want to go to church I'll take them and we'll try out many different religions."

  • Clean Sweep


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    "I keep a very clean house and expect [my daughter] to do the same. Growing up, it wasn't a priority to my mom. I was so embarrassed of the clutter I wouldn't allow my friends in."

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  • Birthday Blues


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    "My parents went to Italy on vacation on my birthday. They left me with my grandparents for 10 days. I will never leave my young children on their birthday unless it is a medical emergency."

  • Money Matters


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    "My parents were too free with money. I had an Amex gold card when I was 13. At the time it was great of course. But all it taught me was that money grew on trees and I could have whatever I wanted. So when my dad went bankrupt in the middle of my college years I was very badly prepared to live on a budget and work for what I needed and wanted. I'm a lot more frugal now. But not tight with money. I just look for ways to pay cash and live within my means. My kids are taught about budgets and earning money and how to avoid credit."

  • Raise the Bar


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    "I grew up in a bar pretty much and will never bring my kids into one."

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  • Planned Parenthood


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    "[My mom] believed that a teen with access to birth control was a guarantee they'd have sex and a teen without access to birth control is guaranteed to not have sex. She threw my birth control pills away when she found them and then demanded I go on birth control after I had my baby at 16."

  • Team Spirit


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    "My parents rarely attended any events that I was involved in. I think my mom came to one swim meet per year (I swam for three years in high school and even made regionals that they didn't attend) and they came to maybe two football games when I was on the flag corps my senior year. I won first place in my senior science fair and they didn't come to that. Very frustrating to me as a kid. So I will attend every function that I can for my [daughter]."

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  • Spare the Rod


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    "I will never spank my kids. Ever. If my mom thought she was teaching me a lesson by spanking me the only thing it taught me was that I was worthless."

  • Shame Game


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    "My mom was constantly criticizing my appearance. It was always, 'You should lose a couple of pounds' or 'Those jeans make your thighs look big.' I want my daughters to love their bodies no matter what."

  • Cheap Shot


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    "I'm not as cheap as my mom was. She had to be tight with her money ... I'm lucky enough to be in a different situation so I do not have to watch every little thing."

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