15 Things Our Parents Did That We'll Never Do as Moms

fighting parentsIf you're really, really lucky, you love everything about the way your parents raised you and are trying your best to follow their example now that you're a mom. If you're like everybody else, however, you probably take issue with at least a few of the things your parents did when you were growing up -- and are trying your best to avoid making the same mistakes with your offspring!

We reached out to friends and readers of The Stir to find out what things their parents did that they'd never dream of doing as moms, and found that plenty of us are carrying around a fair share of baggage -- but the good news is, at least our parents taught us what not to do! Click through our slideshow to see if any of these stories ring true for you, too. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, our sources chose to stay anonymous. Well, would you want to have that convo with your mom?)


Image via iStock.com/shapecharge