How To Make Mom Feel Extra Special on Mother's Day

Let me tell you a little secret about Moms. We are actually quite easy to please. A hug, a phone call, or even a simple, "I love you" goes farther than you'd ever imagine to make moms feel happy. Everyone wants to know how to make mom feel extra special on Mother's Day. You can do that by giving Mom a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift you can easily make yourself: a Shutterfly photo book.


Photo books are keepsakes Mom will treasure forever. She loves to look at pictures of her children and re-live all the memories she has made with them. Put all of those special moments together in a photo book just for her and Mom's heart will melt. Make mom feel extra special on Mother's Day when you give her a personalized photo book.

Have you ever created a photo book? Shutterfly makes it easy for anyone to create and customize personalized photo books for Mother's Day. Pick which one of Shutterfly's 3 easy options for creating photo books works best for you:

Easy: Custom Path (You customize everything the way you want it.)

Easier: Simple Path (Shutterfly places photos in preset design layouts.)

Easiest: NEW Make My Book (Shutterfly designers curate your photos and make a beautiful book for you.)

I know a mom who would love a photo book gift for Mother's Day as much as I would - my own mother! Photo books are the best Mother's Day gift ideas for moms AND grandmothers. I went to and selected the "Simple Path" option to make a one-of-a-kind photo book for my mom in just a few minutes.

One of my favorite Family/Mother's Day Photo Book styles at Shutterfly is called "We Heart Mom." It's a modern style with pretty florals and stripes throughout. I am a big fan of the bold color palette and the idea pages that showcase mom's favorite people and 10 reasons why you love mom and how she's the best mom ever. It's practically perfect in every way for Mother's Day. 

Another Photo Book style that caught my eye with its pretty bold colors is called "All in a Year." Its pre-designed pages make it easy to tell a story with your family's year in photos. Simply add your photos and document favorite memories, summer or winter highlights and so much more. Phrases include "Forever is composed of nows" and "Every day is the best day of the year." You can even create a colorful infographic to chart your family's favorite activities and what you do on an average day.

The Mother's Day Photo Book Style I picked for my mom is called "Grandma's Brag Book." This sweet Photo Book includes lots of fun photo frames and journal pages. I really like the soft colors in this theme: pastel hues against a neutral background. Pages also have touching phrases and quotes like "Between the Earth and Sky above, nothing can match a Grandmother's love."

I have four kids keeping me busy these days, so I like to save time whenever I can. I definitely recommend using Shutterfly's "Simple Path" Photo Book creation option for anyone who is short on time. It helps me make beautiful Photo Books faster than I ever thought possible! I also added a Gift Box, so her present will be perfectly wrapped. I can't wait to give my mom her Photo Book on Mother's Day, she is going to love it so much.

What's in my mother's Mother's Day Photo Book:

  • Lots and lots of family pictures. My mom visited my family twice this year, so I made sure to include a lot of photos of the times we spent with her. There's nothing my mom loves more than to see pictures of her grandchildren (and me, of course!) I also included photos from this past year's special occasions like birthday parties, the kids' playing sports, vacations and holidays.
  • My children's art work. I scanned a few samples of my children's best art work to include in the Photo Book. Now their cute drawings will last forever in a keepsake.

You know you are giving an extraordinarily amazing gift when you want to keep it for yourself. Luckily, I can order as many copies of my Shutterfly Mother's Day Photo Book as I want!

Do you want your mom to feel extra special with a unique gift for Mother's Day? Take a look at Shutterfly's Mother's Day Photo Book Styles and let me know which one you will create for your mom.

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Show mom how much you care this Mother’s Day with that perfect, customized photo book made with Shutterfly. 

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