Timeless Throwback Photos of Our Moms That We're Obsessed With

  Sheri Reed and her mother

A mother is a child's first love, first role model, first heroine, first ... everything! (Dads, we love you, too, but we're having a moment here with Mom.) There aren't enough words to describe the incredible bond you can have with the woman who grew you inside her belly -- or searched relentlessly to find and adopt you -- and raised you with so much pride and joy. Mothers are awesome. Mothers are queens. Mothers deserve all the praise we can give them -- and more.


And, you know something else? Mothers are timeless. No matter the years that pass, the essence of who they are -- and the life lessons they taught us -- never leave.

In honor of these wonderful women of the world, we here at The Stir are paying homage to the ladies we're so proud to call mom, by taking a walk down memory lane and looking back on some of our favorite memories.

The Stir's Dria de Botton Barnes with her mom

"As a kid, I always loved this photo of my mom, who is holding me as a days-old sleeping newborn. It’s that peaceful look on her face, the face she still makes now when she’s thinking or feeling a lot but saying little -- which is kind of her trademark. And, though I certainly can’t remember this moment myself, her expression just makes me smile. I'm a mom now myself, and I get what’s going on here on a whole other level. The happiness, the exhaustion, the intensity, all of it. You're feeling so much that it’s hard to express any of it, and yet, moments like this say it all." -- Dria de Botton Barnes, senior vice president of editorial

The Stir's Jenny Erikson with her mother

"I love this photo, because it shows how involved my mom was during my childhood. She didn't just drop me off at the rink, or sit at the snack bar with a book (ah, the days before smartphones) ... she strapped on her own pair of skates and got out there." -- Jenny Erikson, senior writer of audience development

The Stir's Sheri Reed with her mom

"This is one of my favorite photos of me and my mom. She was just 24 years old, and we both had awesome hair -- and I love the stripes. I often stare into this photo, into those eyes, and wonder what she was thinking and feeling on this day ... such a young mom to two little kids. Maybe one of these days I will actually ask her." -- Sheri Reed, senior lifestyle editor

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The Stir's Kiarra Sylvester with her mother

"This [photo] is my favorite, because it's a great reminder of how far we've come. I've always been so proud of the fact that my mother had me at 17, because it gave me the rare opportunity to watch her grow up, and, however difficult she can be at times, I love the woman she grew up to be ... for both of us." -- Kiarra Sylvester, staff writer


The Stir's Elena Mauer with her mom

"An uncle recently unearthed this photo of my mom and me as a toddler on a bike ride during a trip to Florida. It brings back lots of family vacation memories. My younger son is about this age now, so this is a sweet reminder to do lots of fun activities together while he's still little. It also reminds me that I was once the screaming toddler. Thanks, Mom, for dealing with me through all the tantrums and tears!" -- Elena Donovan Mauer, content lab editor


The Stir's April Hussar with her mother

"There are so many things I love about this photo -- my beautiful mama, just a baby herself at 24; the groovy orange backpack; how darn thrilled I look. But, what I love most is my mom's hand. I think she's reaching back to touch my little baby hand. Such a sweet gesture and so typical of her -- to not only carry me, as she has through my whole life in so many ways, but to reach out with that extra display of love and affection. We've both changed a lot in the years since this photo, but some things -- like those hands I would recognize anywhere, like her love -- haven't changed at all." -- April Hussar, senior parenting editor

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The Stir's Anne Meadows with her mother

"This is a photo I took of my mom when we visited Times Square together a few years ago. I was living in New York, and she came from North Carolina to visit for her birthday. It was her first time in over 15 years seeing Times Square all lit up at night, and this perfectly captures how I felt those first few years of living here." -- Anne Meadows, photo editor


The Stir's Tanvier Peart with her mother

"There aren't a ton of photos of my mother. She never did like having her picture taken, and always stayed behind the lens to capture the moment. This picture of my mom (and dad) back in the day is my all-time favorite -- for so many reasons. It shows how full of life my mother is, her optimism, and her ability to have a little fun -- including take a staged portrait in front of a cheesy library background. My mother always made the small things enjoyable growing up, and I hope to do the same with my own children. Thank you, Mom, for being you ... and giving me good (and thick) hair." -- Tanvier Peart, staff writer 


Images via The Stir's editorial staff

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