Mindful Rituals to Give Your Kid a Zen-Like Morning (or Close to It)

mom kids breakfast Getting the kids ready to go in the morning can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. We want to help remove that stress and create mindful morning routines, so we spoke with moms in the know about the rituals that get their kids mentally prepared for the day.


Take it Slow

Jenny Baltazar, MA, LMT, CPMT, CIMI, yoga instructor and owner of Botanica Massage & Wellness, has two daughters ages 6 and 3 and she does her best to make sure her girls aren't feeling rushed in the mornings. "We check in with each other in the morning and set our intention for the day," she says. "We talk about how are we feeling and how can we have a positive day. My kids really do best when they have a sense of what the day will bring and how to be flexible when things arise. I miss them so much when I'm at work and they are at school, so mornings are important."

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... and That Includes Breakfast

Jenny carries this sense of calm when eating breakfast as well. "We try to sit down and eat together and really taste our food. We close our eyes and truly experience the food that is giving us energy and nourishment for the day," she says. And while she admits that it isn't always possible, they try.

Do a Few Yoga Poses

They also do Rising Sun or Paint the Sky yoga poses and breathing exercises. Her older daughter struggles with allergies in the morning, and Rising Sun pose helps open up her breath.

Encourage Self-Awareness

Yoga instructor Eva Astor also does breath work with her kids, as a way of doing a well check-in. "I encourage my kids to do a body sweep before they get out of bed -- 'a self check-in,'" she said. "Saying hello to physical body means first taking a conscious deep breath, and noting the mood or emotion that is present. Having them become aware of the tips of the toes to the top of the head. The words that I often say to them throughout the day are, 'Did you check in with yourself?'"

These routines help not only the kids get in touch with themselves and how they feel, but the moms, too. And I think we all could use more self check-ins throughout the day.

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Sing Songs and Play Games

Adding some more playful elements is Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R relationship therapist and creator of Connectfulness.com. "Our mornings are busy and hectic like everyone else's," she says. "The main thing that helps our morning routine is simplification ... and singing songs. We run around singing 'eat breakfast, get dressed, brush hair and teeth, shoes on, let's go!' And then we make a game out of getting in the car, kind of like a race to see who gets buckled in first." This works great for them, allowing them to work together as a team and have fun while doing it. Rebecca shares, "My 5- and 7-year-old daughters love to buckle in before Mama. On our drive to school each morning, we review the plans and events for the day together."

Communication is something that is sometimes hard to do before we get our full dose of morning coffee, but it is in these practices shared by moms in the know, peppered with fun, games, and stretching, that we can really help our mornings go more smoothly, eliminating that rushing feeling that can add a lot of stress, while also increasing our bond with our kids.


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