15 Beautiful & Revealing Photos Destroy the Stereotypes of 'Young Motherhood'

young motherhood by Jendella Benson

With the average age of first-time moms in the US higher than ever (at 26.3 years of age), young mothers often find themselves faced with unfair stereotypes. That's why Jendella Benson, an artist and photographer based in the UK (where the average age of first-time moms is 30.2 years), started the Young Motherhood project, a social documentary aiming to examine (and disprove) those stereotypes.


"My inspiration for the series was young mothers that I knew personally," Benson told The Stir.

"I knew firsthand that their lives were nothing like the stereotypes that are ingrained in our collective consciousness when it comes to young mothers. They were working hard, doing a brilliant job with their kids, going to uni, chasing their dreams and all these wonderful things, but then the pervasive idea was young mothers are lazy, irresponsible, promiscuous, and that their lives are effectively going down the drain. I wanted to challenge that."

And Benson's photos (and their subjects' stories) do just that: challenge the idea that young mothers are bad mothers. 

"I hope the project challenges people's stereotypes and forces them to address their own biases. I hope it pushes individuals to be more empathetic," said Benson -- and we hope so, too! Click through our slideshow to see some of her most compelling photos, and learn more about Benson's work on her website.


Image via Jendella Benson

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