11 Ideas for Creating a Family Emergency Plan (Without Scaring Your Kids)


A few summers ago, I woke up just before dawn to the sound of sirens on my street. My son, who was 4 at the time, came flying into my room to report that there were six fire trucks outside. When went outside to see what was going on, we were horrified to see that our neighbor's house was on fire.


Sadly, our neighbor lost his pets and a portion of his home that day. I came to the scary realization that we'd never talked to my son about what our family would do in an emergency like that.

When it comes to putting together a family emergency plan, you want to balance informing your child with not scaring them. I talked to some other moms who've found a way to strike that balance and help their family be ready in the event of an emergency. Read on for smart ideas so that your family will be prepared too.


Image via iStock.com/Ekaterina Minaeva

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