'Boobies in a Box' Is the Genius Solution to Your Public Breastfeeding Shame (VIDEO)

Boobies in a Box

"Are you tired of getting dirty looks when you nurse your baby in public?" That's a question this hilarious video from Hunt the Vigan asks. In efforts to prevent those pesky stares, and to prevent making onlookers -- who already feel offended you're nursing your kid in their presence -- any more uncomfortable, these funny folks created Boobies in a Box, the public breastfeeding solution!


And, for just $199.99, this "new modesty device for breastfeeding mothers" can be yours, too.

But wait, there's more!

For an extra $999.99, you can try the "luxury camouflage edition" that promises no one will ever see you breastfeeding in public again.


OMG, where oh where to start with this video -- other than it being pure comedic genius?

Come on, you gotta admit that the idea of "Boobies in a Box" is very ridiculous and an alternative quite a few people wouldn't have issues with seeing in public. As simple as it is for nursing mommies to breastfeed their children on the go, many moms still feel pressured to cower inside a bathroom stall, pack up their things and try to set up a nursing station in their car, or some other "more appropriate" alternative that only adds time and inconvenience.

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As a nursing mama myself, I think the concept of this cardboard box really drives the message home; it's really extra (#TeamTooMuch). Even though I use a cover whenever my youngest needs a quick hit of leche (well, that's a lie -- sometimes, if my shirt is long enough, I'll use that), I can still feel eyes pressing against the back of my head.

Hopefully this video will open up the floor for a much-needed discussion about public breastfeeding. After all, we're in 2016. It shouldn't be a thing, or that big of a deal anymore.

Should that not be the case, however, I guess I'll start saving my pennies now to purchase one of these boxes. (I like the camo.)



Image via Hunt TheVigan/YouTube

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