Boyfriend of the Year Claims His Girlfriend Breastfeeds Their Baby 'for Attention'


UGH! Why don't I watch more daytime TV? I basically miss out on everything good, and by good I mean crazy, and by crazy I mean terrifying, because on the Dr. Phil show they had this dude who claims his girlfriend breastfeeds their 7-month-old son ... to get attention


This guy is basically the worst guy ever. Trust me, or better yet, watch this and let's make fun of this worst guy together! 

Granted, that whole part about her having a "chemical imbalance" is sad and tragic, but SHEESH, she needs to get the hell away from this guy. What is this "submitted her" business? Ugh. Elizabeth met Cory when she was 22 and he was 34. SAD FACE.

According to Elizabeth, Cory has a set of "rules" she has to follow, which includes everything from "Elizabeth has to look after the baby ... [and] can't ask for help," to Cory must have all of Elizabeth's social media passwords.

SAD FACE, again! But the garbage cherry on this garbage sundae is that Cory, who has two children from a previous relationship, says: "Elizabeth is very needy. She uses her breastfeeding as a way of [getting] attention."

He goes on to explain that it's "pretty selfish" that his girlfriend often takes the child into the bedroom to nurse. He has decided that Elizabeth needs to stop nursing her baby when he turns 8 months old because it will solve a lot of the problems between them. Okayyyyy Dr. Douchecanoe Cory.

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I have never heard of a woman breastfeeding for attention. And I think it's pretty obvious that if Elizabeth is going into their bedroom to nurse the baby, she obviously doesn't want any attention from Cory. Women breastfeed to feed their babies, period.

I also think it's pretty obvious that Elizabeth needs to dump the zero and get with a hero, and I have no idea if that was Dr. Phil's advice because I didn't get to see the episode, but just from watching the clip I think we can all agree that this guy is awful. I know it's easy for any of us to say because we aren't in her situation, but I hope Elizabeth watched a recording of this episode after it aired and saw the light. I think it's pretty obvious she can do much, much better. 


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