This Instagram Account Proves What All Moms Know: #KidsAreTheWorst (PHOTOS)

Parenting: Sometimes you gotta laugh or you'll cry. Which is why the Instagram account #KidsAreTheWorst is pretty much the best Instagram feed ever. We love our kids, we adore our kids, but yeah, they basically are the worst.



Here's your proof right here. 

Because They Are Very Messy 

I'm not sure there's a bath long enough or soapy enough to deal with this kid.

I Mean, REALLY Messy 

This is why all cereal containers need locks on them.

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Even When They Are Playing on Clean Diapers, They Are Messy 

Plus they're not even old enough to help stack them back up!

And Not So Clean Diapers 

It was a blowout weekend. #CacaDontPreach #PoopsThereItIs #AndItWasAllYellow photo thanks to @altthrasher #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

I think every parent on earth has gone through this.

Wait, This Actually Looks Kinda Fun 

I think this family may want to consider getting some Space Bags. 

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Check Out This One Who 'Helped' With the Laundry 

Laundry and found. #YouSpinMeRightRound #CheckTheLint photo thanks to @bcastlemiller #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on

I think at this point you either move or find out where your local laundromat is. Actually, maybe just move.

And This One Who Was 'Helping' by Putting Away Her Shoes 

That's where I keep mine too. Right next to the beer.

Sometimes They Borrow Your Favorite Lipstick

You missed a spot. #BarelyOutsideTheLipLines #KylieJennerWouldBeImpressed photo thanks to @haleymareesnape #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on


And Sometimes #KidsAreTheWorst When They Do Their Homework

Those thieving, plundering pirate flowers, I tell ya. #kindergartenersarethebest #kidsaretheworst

A photo posted by #kidsaretheworst (@kidsaretheworst) on


And Express Their Feelings

Enjoying those chicken nuggets?

But as Much as All of Our #KidsAreTheWorst, at Least They Love Us as Much as We Love Them 

Image via kidsaretheworst/Instagram

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