23 Signs You Officially Have a 'Mom Car'

mom car kidWhen you become a mom, something happens to the type of car you choose to drive. Some people may feel that your vehicle choice has become highly uncool. But because it's got high safety ratings, you vehemently disagree. Beyond make and model, here are some of the most telltale signs that you drive a "mom mobile."


1. If you gathered all the crumbs, you'd be able to put together a meal.

2. When the beautiful sun shines down on your car, all you can see are little handprints all over the backseat windows.

3. The stuffed animal your kid cried over losing -- the one you called local businesses about and even put out an APB for on social media regarding its whereabouts -- is actually under the driver's seat.

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4. You have a portable potty in the trunk. Which you have thought about using yourself once or twice.

5. If you put your hand between the seats, you will get a sticky surprise. So you just never put your hand between the seats.

6. If you put your nose really close to the seat (usually only done when looking for long-lost stuffy), you can still smell the faint odor of kid vomit.

7. It's a minivan. I mean, come on. If it's a not a minivan, you make sure everyone knows it's a crossover SUV.

8. There are extra clothes in the back that are two sizes too small for your kid.

9. Baby wipes are everywhere. Unused and used ones.

10. There was most likely a dirty diaper forgotten in the trunk at some point ... if not right now.

11. There are dirty shoe-prints on the backs of the front seats.

12. You're embarrassed whenever you have to take the car to the shop because of the state of the interior.

13. Kid stations are saved on the radio, and the car has heard more renditions of "Let It Go" than it could ever wish for.

14. There's spare change everywhere -- everywhere -- but you can never find it when you need it for a toll.

15. Plastic bags live in your car. But for some reason there's no garbage in them ... just all around them.

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16. Things fall out of the car when you open the door.

17. You feel bad about your trunk and the mess in it.

18. You've cursed your car when putting the car seats in it.

19. Despite its shortcomings, it's up-to-date on tires and tune-ups.

20. There are princess, pony, and superhero stickers on the dashboard. Possibly those family stick-figure stickers on the back window.

21. Your backseat doors won't open from the inside, and this is especially funny when you have that rare kid-free night where you remove the car seats to accommodate other adults, who can't get out when you arrive at your destination.

22. It's the second-most favorite place for your kids to take a nap besides your lap.

23. You're quick to defend it and say it is not a "mom car."


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