Mom Inadvertently Breaks Facebook with a Post Celebrating SAHMs

Ryshell Castleberry, an amazingly talented tattoo artist from Florida, posted an imaginary conversation between a husband and his psychologist about what the man's wife does all day because she "doesn't work." She asked people to share the post with the "beautiful ladies in their lives," and oh boy they did -- over 187,000 times. 



The only problem is, she forgot that lots of women do everything she lists below, plus hold jobs outside the home. Her Facebook followers were all too happy to remind her of this: 

My wife does not workMy wife doesn't work!!!Conversation between a husband (H) and a psychologist (P):Q: what do you...

Posted by Ryshell Castleberry on Thursday, March 3, 2016

 One commenter said: 

I run my own business and have 5 children and do all of the above can I get a AMEN FOR GODS STRENTH [sic]

And another person said:

And there's those of us who do all that AND work.

Which was met with this comment:

Did you have to make this a mommy competition? Can't you let the other half get some credit?

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Ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads: The mommy and parenting wars are alive and well, especially on Facebook. 

Here's the deal: Neither being a stay-at-home mom nor a working mom is easy. Both have their never-ending pro and con lists, and at the end of the day, every person in either situation spends many a late night wondering if she is doing the right thing for her kids and her family. None of us will ever know. But one thing we all can know is that we are doing the best we can right now, in this moment. There have been many studies that show that kids who have moms who work outside the home have their own benefits they get from this. There are also studies that show having mom at home is beneficial to kids too. 

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The only things we can all agree on is that there is never a right answer. We all work amazingly hard regardless of which path we choose, and we could all use a vacation -- or at the very least, a delicious lunch, a glass of wine, and a long nap.

To the mamas working one, two, and three jobs outside the home, I salute you. To the stay-at-home-moms who don't work outside the home, you too. We are all in this together. I just wish we would remember that. 


Image via Ryshell Castleberry/Facebook

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