We Don't Say 'Fat': 15 Moms Share the Words That Are Off-Limits in Their Family

closed mouths
By the age of 4, many children will know close to 1,100 words. By first grade, that number can skyrocket to close to 20,000 words. Annoyingly for parents, there are likely at least a handful of words in that mix that we wish our kids didn't know -- and I am not just talking about swear words!


Most of us can probably agree that we don't want to hear our kid dropping the f-bomb, but what about words like "stupid," "shut up," and even "fat"?

We talked to moms from across the country and got the scoop on the non-swear words that are forbidden in their families and why. Read on for some surprising answers and thought-provoking reasons.


Image via iStock.com/ Merbe

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