Schools Might Start Grading Parents (For Real): 13 Scores Moms Could Totally Earn

Tanvier Peart | Mar 16, 2016 Being a Mom

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On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself as a parent? (Hopefully you aren't too hard on yourself!) This might seem like a silly question to ask, but it could turn into a real thing. Oh yes, teachers will be able to grade parents. #WTF

Mississippi lawmakers passed a bill that will allow educators to grade students' parents. This means moms and dads would receive a "satisfactory," "unsatisfactory," or "needs improvement" based on a checklist of different criteria.

As if moms aren't already hard on themselves!

Well, who the heck needs some silly bill to shame parents? Here's a rundown of possible "grades" moms could receive if our kids' teachers were allowed to score our performances.

(Note: No real report cards will be sent in the mail.)



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  • "Unsatisfactory" for wearing same pajamas to school ... three days in a row


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    You couldn't at least change up the top to make your ensemble look a little different? Honestly, most -- if not all -- of us are guilty of rolling up to our kid's school in our pj's. Just make sure you switch your look from time to time, mmk?

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  • "Satisfactory" for Pinterest bake sale fail


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    Aww, God bless your heart for trying to make something you saw on Pinterest for your kid's bake sale. Those recipes can be really hard to follow -- so you get an A for effort. Hopefully there's a grocery store on the way to school!

  • "Needs improvement" for blocking the carpool lane


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    Don't get caught entering the wrong end of the carpool lane. You just might start World War III and put yourself on the parent blacklist. #Kissthoseplaydatesgoodbye

  • "Satisfactory" for making treats for everyone


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    Betty Crocker ain't got nothing on your kitchen skills. Consider yourself the Mother Teresa of your kid's class if you make time to whip up something tasty (and allergen-free!) for everyone.

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  • "Unsatisfactory" for not following Common Core directions


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    Did you not get the memo? You can no longer carry the two and quickly skim through a read without properly giving an explanation for your reasoning. Back to the drawing board!


  • "Needs improvement" for gifting a teacher ANOTHER mug


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    Another coffee mug ... great. You'll get a huge fail -- and possibly a trip to the principal's office -- for gifting a teacher another freaking coffee mug. There are other options. Give Google a try.

  • "Satisfactory" for getting involved in your kid's school


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    Field trips. PTA meetings. Yeah, Mom, you're a rock star for trying to make your presence known and helping make your child's school great again. Educators need more parents to get involved.

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  • "Unsatisfactory" for making parent/teacher conferences way too long


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    There's no reason why a parent/teacher conference should take so long that you need to order dinner. As passionate as you are about your kid, everyone has things to do. Next!

  • "Needs improvement" for acting out a school recital ... literally


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    It's great that you know all the words and dance moves to your child's school play! Just stay in your seat, and please stop singing at the top of your lungs.

  • "Unsatisfactory" for always being late


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    Raise your hand if you're constantly rolling up to school 15 minutes late -- or if you keep a stash of pre-written "I'm sorry my kid is late" notes in your glove compartment ... yeah, we might need to set that alarm clock a little earlier.

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  • "Unsatisfactory" for turning everything into a photo shoot


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    "Wait, just one more -- one more." Your child gets out of the car. Take a picture. Your kid walks into school. Take a picture. Your little one enters his or her classroom. Take a picture. Not everything needs to be some long and drawn-out photography session, with wardrobe changes and Instagram filters. (No but seriously, does this filter look flattering on me?)

  • "Satisfactory" for adhering to deadlines


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    Your kid's teacher will kiss your feet (okay, maybe not) if you work with your son or daughter to turn in all projects before they're due. Paying attention and sticking to deadlines helps make a teacher's job all the easier. Thanks, Mom!

  • "Needs improvement" for teacher stalking


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    As passionate as you are about your child and his or her education, please don't catch a case. There's no need to wait outside a teacher's classroom every week, or send six emails asking why you haven't received a phone call. Chillax.

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