Schools Might Start Grading Parents (For Real): 13 Scores Moms Could Totally Earn

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On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself as a parent? (Hopefully you aren't too hard on yourself!) This might seem like a silly question to ask, but it could turn into a real thing. Oh yes, teachers will be able to grade parents. #WTF


Mississippi lawmakers passed a bill that will allow educators to grade students' parents. This means moms and dads would receive a "satisfactory," "unsatisfactory," or "needs improvement" based on a checklist of different criteria.

As if moms aren't already hard on themselves!

Well, who the heck needs some silly bill to shame parents? Here's a rundown of possible "grades" moms could receive if our kids' teachers were allowed to score our performances.

(Note: No real report cards will be sent in the mail.)



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