Mom-to-Be Kickboxes at 37 Weeks & Proves Pregnant Women Can Still Rule the Gym (VIDEO)

Personal trainer Chontel Duncan wows with pregnancy kickboxing video

Gone are the days when you got pregnant and thought you couldn't do anything until your bun came out of the oven. No, this is a new era. Expectant moms are showing you can have your baby bump and work out, too. Chontel Duncan is a kick-ass pregnant woman whose kickboxing videos and fitness posts are turning heads -- and for good reason.


At 37 weeks, Chontel is an Australian personal trainer who continues to inspire moms-to-be to reach for the stars ... and pick up a free weight or two, should the spirit move them. Simply put: Chontel's Instagram page is amazeballs.

Don't piss Mom off. Her kickboxing skills are up there.

Tonight's workout was on point, even though sooooo much is now modified for me, I am SUPER grateful for my pre pregnancy health condition that has allowed my body to absolutely smash this pregnancy & provided me with the ability to keep moving now almost at 37 weeks. Not long now until I'll be completely out of action. For how long... Who knows, it all depends on how the delivery goes, how my body handles birth, how settled and well Little D feeds, how I handle being a mummy for the first time & all those 'many' factors to consider. But for now I am just taking each day as it comes & appreciating my health for what it is. I see my OB tomorrow so looking forward to seeing the update on instructions. Stay tuned on my snap to hear what he has to say. Tonight may or may not be my last @hiit_australia workout... You never know!

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Kiyahh! Chontel is playing no games.

Friday Muay Thai with Mikey ��@hiit_australia

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As much as she feels inspired by those who celebrate her journey, Chontel slams her haters, who seem to have an issue with a pregnant woman staying in shape and doing something she loves.

BUT wait, then there's critics, well, in my case, a lot of them. They pick and pull you apart. I had people at the beginning excited to see me blow out, see me quit at my career because, apparently, it's not possible to do both ...

I think it's pretty sad when others do everything they can to see another person fail. While I'm nowhere near Chontel's level of fitness (I do pretty well, but not that well), I can't tell you how many people cross their eyes at the sight of a pregnant woman working out.

I've been in Chontel's shoes, and am so thankful I had not one but two awesome pregnancies that allowed me to feel my best -- both on the inside and out. During my last pregnancy, I was doing exactly what Chontel was doing at 39 weeks pregnant, and couldn't believe my body was still trucking.

Does this mean every expectant mother needs to hit the gym?

Heavens no.

Just stop with the judgment, please.

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Unless you're Chontel's doctor -- and personally know her uterus -- I don't think it's right for anyone to say something negative, no matter how much you watch Grey's Anatomy and think you can give medical advice.

Just as you love sharing tidbits from your own life journey, let's not be quick to criticize others who do the same. Keep on trucking, mama!




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