16 Signs Your Mom BFF Is a Total Keeper

Tanvier Peart | Oct 21, 2016 Being a Mom
16 Signs Your Mom BFF Is a Total Keeper

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Consider yourself lucky if you found a mom friend who's a Thelma to your Louise. Good friends are hard to come by, especially those who have kids and understand the struggle.

Of course, that's not to say that your friends all have to be fellow moms! Of course not. But, it makes sense that in our lives as moms, we meet, well, a lot of other moms. And some of those moms just might go from "mom friends" who you hang out with just because you both have kids, to true BFF status.

Sound like someone you know? Hopefully the answer is yes! If your mom bestie happens to do any of these 16 things, hold on to her for dear life.

(Just make sure you return the favor.)


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  • She celebrates YOUR kid's achievements


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    Ding, ding, ding -- we have a winner! Mommy Wars have made it super hard for some parents to actually appreciate each other's accomplishments without someone getting in their feelings. You know you've struck gold when your mom friend is truly happy about your child, can celebrate his or her achievements, and doesn't need to throw in her own kid's milestones.

  • She has a sixth sense about you


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    Okay, so no one REALLY has magical powers, but a mommy BFF comes close. Whether she senses you're having a bad day, or sees you could use a hand, your fellow parenting gal pal will do what she can to help save the day.

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  • She doesn't judge you (even for not making your own baby food) (!)


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    You don't purchase designer baby products and sometimes shop store brands?? The horror! Truth be told, admitting stuff like that might get you a side-eye in your mommy group, but your mom bestie couldn't care less.

  • She'll take your kids at the drop of a hat


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    There are times when you just need a break -- and that's okay! Having a reliable friend who can pick up your kids or take your rugrats when you just need a moment to breathe is pretty amazing.

  • She agrees that at-home playdates are the perfect excuse to drink wine


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    It's not like you're trying to get inebriated or anything; you just want to have a little wine, and drink it too. If you and your friend's children are older, what's wrong with a little vino during your weekly sofa chat? #Nojudgment

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  • She'd be willing to breastfeed your kid


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    Seriously, this is a real thing! Mom friends have made headlines for offering to nurse their gal pal's LO in her absence. Now that right there is a bond tighter than a blood pact. You drink cow milk, so why not your friend's?

  • She doesn't hang IOUs over your head


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    Mom Brain is real and can sometimes cause you to forget important things -- like your wallet, or giving your kid money when he or she is out with a friend. A really good mom friend understands this and doesn't remind you every 12 hours that you need to pay her back. In fact, some besties have no problem paying for each other 'cause they know it always evens out.

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  • She's a real-life Fort Knox when it comes to secrets


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    Folks just LOVE to tell your business, which is why having a confidant you can trust is a must on your search for a good friend. There will be times when you want to vent about life as a mom, without fear of judgement or someone calling CPS. Chances are your mom friend knows your deepest secrets, doesn't think less of you for admitting them (she probably has her own), and will take them to the grave.

  • She doesn't get jealous when she's not invited to EVERY playdate


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    Maybe you know that a parent coming to a play event and your friend don't get along (at all). Maybe your kid will be a guest at an outing, and can't really bring a plus one. Or, maybe your mommy friend just doesn't care about marking her calendar with hundreds of playdates. The point is this: If you have a bond with someone, she won't take anything too personally, because your mom bestie knows you wouldn't do anything to hurt her -- and vice versa.

  • She sends you all those articles that don't make you feel like a bad parent


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    With so much expert advice these days on what parents should and shouldn't be doing, it's nice to have someone in your corner who doesn't make you feel like a loser. Not every aspect of motherhood is perfect or glamorous.

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  • She'll pick you up something just because


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    "Hey, I was just out shopping for Bridget and found something I think your girl would love. What size is she?" There's nothing like a friend who knows what you need, when you need it. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar, secondhand clothes, or a meal, count your lucky stars if you have a friend who gets you something just because.

  • She doesn't take last-minute cancellations personally


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    When you have kids, schedules and RSVPs sometimes go out the window. And yeah, you might have every intention of showing up to an event like you said, but things can and will happen at the very last minute. Hopefully you have a friend who understands this and won't block you on Facebook for standing her up. (Do be a pal and call.)

  • She's up for whatever crazy challenge you might have


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    It's good to have a partner in crime, especially when resolutions and fitness are involved. No one understands how hard it can be for a mom to commit to new challenges quite like another mom -- so why not try something together? Consider yourself lucky if your buddy says she's game.

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  • She makes outings an adventure


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    Have you ever met one of those moms who gives every excuse in the book why she can't do something? Yeah, there likely are valid points, but the mom friend of yours we're talking about lives in the moment, even if she's a planner. She's not afraid to round up a few Groupons or LivingSocial deals and hit the town -- kids in tow or just on your own!

  • She keeps you up-to-date on all the hacks, so you save money


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    You know what's better than a really good friend? One who's resourceful. Should your mom friend know her way around a hot glue gun, give Martha Stewart a run for her money on Pinterest, and transform cardboard boxes into magical cities, you have an ace up your sleeve. #Birthdaypartieshandled

  • She'll be there for you, no matter what


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    Through it all, this is your bestie. She isn't afraid to bring the kids together for a sleepover so you two can veg out under a comforter and get to the bottom of whatever is going on. Friends like this are hard to find these days, so if you do find one, hold on. Should this sound like someone you know, consider yourself to have found "your person."

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