13 Times Moms Had to Pay Outrageous Fines Because of Their Kids

Tanvier Peart | Mar 17, 2016 Being a Mom

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We've all heard the saying, "Some of the best things in life aren't free," but man, this is pretty crazy. Who knew being a mother could cost so much?

While there's no annual membership charge (unless you count the cost of groceries, clothes, and diapers ... just kidding), quite a few moms have found themselves in a pickle that resulted in a fee or two. And these aren't the "you forgot to turn in your library book" kind of fines.

Some of these will blow your mind.

Here's a look at 13 women who've been charged because of their kids.



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  • 'Noisy' toddler in an apartment


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    If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know how crazy living with others around you can get. An Australian mom faces a $550 noise fine because of her toddler. (Yes, you read that right.) In the letter threatening the penalty, the leasing company asked Janin Meyer to "be mindful of other residents" and "keep noise levels to a minimum at all times." Yeah, tell that to a toddler.

  • Calling her son too much


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    Even if your kid has unlimited minutes, he or she might not want to get a phone call from you ... what?! While the deets are still a little vague, an Australian judge found a 73-year-old mother guilty of calling her son too much, and ordered her to pay $478 for her crimes.

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  • Taking daughter to visit terminally ill grandmother


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    Do you think it's right for a school to charge parents if their kids miss class? UK mom Charlene White was hit with an $85 fine because she took her 7-year-old daughter on vacation to spend time with Charlene's mom, who had terminal cervical cancer and didn't have long to live. So when Mom wanted to seize an opportunity, she took it. Well worth the $85!

  • Not circumcising son


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    Divorces have been known to get messy, but when a father tries to get the courts to force the mother of his child to make a decision -- and they agree -- yeah, that deserves a side eye. An Israeli mother was fined $140/day for not circumcising her son. That's nuts and so wrong!

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  • Failure to pack a balanced lunch


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    Nope, your lunch isn't good enough. A Canadian mother learned the hard way that when caregivers want grains, they aren't playing around. Kristen Bartkiw was fined $10 for not packing a "balanced diet" lunch for her children. She even received a note from her children's day care explaining they had to give Kristen's kids Ritz Crackers that obviously are worth $10 bucks. (Eye roll.)

  • Not attending a kid's birthday party


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    Folks are pretty serious about their children's birthday parties --  especially when it comes to the people who don't attend. Tanya Walsh and Derek Nash were completely dumbfounded when a parent fined their son for not attending a birthday party. The little boy is 5! Was $23 and threatening legal action really necessary?

  • Toddler peeing in the front yard


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    When a toddler has to go pee pee, oh, a toddler is going to go pee pee. Ashley Warden was with her 3-year-old son Dillan -- on their own property -- when the Oklahoma mom received a $2,500 public urination fine. Dillan was still being potty-trained at the time and had to go. The problem is that he peed in the front yard when a police officer happened to be around.

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  • Building a play house


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    All work and no play house can make for a dull town. Florida mom Tracy Wieland wanted to give her 5-year-old twins a childhood memory they'd never forget. Instead, all Tracy got was $100/day fines for building a play house on her own property, but without a permit. And guess what? The fines totaled over $30,000 -- yikes!

  • Saving a woodpecker's life


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    PETA might be happy to hear that 11-year-old Skylar Capo saved a little woodpecker from being cat food, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service? Yeah, not so much. Virginia mom Alison was slapped with a $535 fine for taking the woodpecker into her care and nursing it back to health. Thankfully the baby birdie is somewhere enjoying life, and the government issued an apology for accidentally sending the citation. Phew.

  • Calling Santa


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    Bah humbug! After trying to keep peace between two of her three kids in the car, Rachel was at her wit's end. After she took out her phone and dialed to the North Pole, the New Jersey mom later received a $145 fine because she called Santa. Well, technically, the cop who pulled her over wasn't mad she fake-dialed Saint Nick. He wasn't happy, however, that she was driving and "talking" on her phone. Bummer.

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  • Jailed for unpaid school fines


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    This is so sad ... A Pennsylvania mother died in jail serving a two-day sentence for her kids missing school. The 55-year-old accrued over $2,000 in various fees and leaves behind seven kids.

  • Breastfeeding during jury duty


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    What's a mother to do when she can't get out of jury duty and has a breastfeeding baby who doesn't take bottles? Without any available childcare options, Laura Trickle felt she had no choice but to bring her 7-month-old son with her. Sadly, the Missouri mom received a $500 fine and faced a contempt of court charge.

  • Having a messy front yard


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    If you aren't well versed in the art of curb appeal, you might want to check out HGTV. Tennessee mom Karen Holloway went to jail because she didn't maintain her yard. Thankfully, it was only for six hours, but many are scratching their heads as to why Mom couldn't fulfill her "debts" via community service. Is jail time really necessary for an unkempt yard?

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