25 Ways Technology Makes Us Better, Happier Moms

mom looking at phone with childWe've all been guilty of being on our phone too much, consumed with what's going on online instead of what's right in front of us, but we also have to give the interwebs some major credit. It has helped us become better mothers -- yes, better. Here are 25 ways technology helps us through motherhood.


1. Most of my mom friends live "in the computer." The Internet has opened up our worlds, allowing us to meet like-minded moms all over the planet.

2. Who else could I turn to at 2 a.m. when my little one wakes up vomiting? My Internet mom friend who lives across the country in a different time zone is most likely awake and ready to give some advice. Beats Dr. Google.

3. The specialty groups are a major resource. You can find moms of twins groups, groups for divorced moms, car seat safety groups, breastfeeding support groups ... you name it, there is an online group for it to make you feel at home and help you learn.

4. Because ... selfie with your kid! That turnaround-see-yourself photo-taking feature is the one of the best things that has happened to moms because it gets us in the picture and not just taking it from behind the scenes.

5. We all need to feast our eyes on those Ryan Gosling memes that say: "Hey girl, I know you had a hard day, but I just want you to know that I think you're doing an amazing job. You're a great mom." Oh, Ryan.

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6. That Facebook Memories tab that shows us moments from one year ago or five years ago makes us really see how fast time passes and how quickly our kids grow up. It's like an "appreciate the now" reminder. Suddenly the fact that your child drew on the kitchen table with a permanent marker doesn't matter anymore.

7. How else would I find out that your kid has lice and to avoid you at all costs? (Kidding. Sort of.)

8. Where else would I learn about the lollipop party and how to avoid (or attend)?

9. Because pro-breastfeeding memes make you feel empowered. And you can rally a nurse-in at a store that shamed your friend for nursing in public.

10. The Internet is truly a perfect place to help raise money for your kid's fund-raiser for school. Door to door is so 1999.

11. Where else would you find out about hand-me-downs? It's also the perfect place to find a mom who really needs that baby carrier you no longer have a use for.

12. You can save all your kids' artwork without all the clutter. There're a few apps for that.

13. It's the best way to stay connected with family who don't live close by. The kids love seeing Grandpa or Auntie on video chat.

14. Because sometimes Mom just needs a break. Being a good mom means taking a little time for yourself, too. Sometimes social media, your favorite website, or an ebook is that little escape.

15. Apps, apps, and more apps. I used feeding and poop tracking apps when my twins were newborns -- loved the extra help and reminders.

16. It's entertainment at my fingertips -- for the kids. Have an antsy kid at the restaurant while waiting for the food to arrive and you exhausted all other options? Find something on your phone to keep your little one happy -- sometimes they just love looking at themselves in the camera.

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17. Texting is the quickest way to let your other parent friends know you're heading to the playground, so they can join you, too.

18. It's great for emergencies. I've taught my kids what to do on my phone in case of an emergency. It's good to have that peace of mind.

19. The Internet can teach us how to make those incredible braids we never even knew existed before. Cool mom cred.

20. School closing information seems to travel faster on social media. Remember waiting for the radio DJs to announce it?

21. Even when you are alone or feel alone (motherhood can be lonely sometimes), you aren't when you go online. You can find a mom who also feels alone and make her feel better.

22. You get instant support for all the challenges motherhood brings. Sometimes just a simple vent on social media gets you so many other moms letting you know you're doing great, telling you not to be too hard on yourself, or expressing that they know exactly how you feel.

23. Never again will you have to waste money on birthday party invites -- create them online and save that money for an even more awesome cake.

24. How else will you be in the know that a rainstorm is coming later and to make sure you bring your umbrella and not let your kid go to school wearing canvas shoes?

25. Technology allows you to talk to people without actually talking ... like when you have a sick kid sleeping next to you on the couch and you still need to communicate with your boss to tell them you have to take the day off (or your friend to tell them you can't make the playdate, or your partner so he knows to bring home dinner).


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