10 Things You Made Fun of Your Mom for Doing ... That You Totally Do Now

Liz Alterman | Apr 5, 2016 Being a Mom

embarrassing mom moments Poor moms! Sometimes even when they're busy taking care of us by kissing boo-boos, helping with homework, sewing buttons, and fixing dinner, we may find ourselves making fun of some of their odd little quirks. That is, until we discover that we, as moms, are doing the exact things we mocked as kids.

You know what I'm talking about. Your mom would be stirring a pot of spaghetti with mismatched socks over each shoulder because she went in search of their mates and then got distracted. Instead of laughing at her, now we empathize as we find ourselves doing all the same wacky stuff!

In a classic case of what goes around comes around, see if you poked fun at your poor mom for doing these things -- only to find you've turned into her clone ...


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  • Chatting With Strangers


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    Remember when your mom would strike up a conversation with a complete stranger on the deli line? Mortifying! But didn't you just find yourself telling a woman you've never seen before how much she'll love those spicy crackers she's contemplating at Trader Joe's? Sorry, Mom!

  • 'You're getting so tall!"


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    Remember how every time you had a friend over your mom would stop everything and say, "You're getting so tall!" and you thought, "Of course -- she's growing! We're kids; that's what we do!" But now each time your neighbor drops by he's grown another two inches and you can't help but blurt out that very same phrase -- much to the annoyance of your own kids!

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  • Wearing Big White Sneakers ... With Everything


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    You used to really care about fashion and footwear, but now you insist on comfort and back support. Yes, you made so much fun of your mom (and Jerry Seinfeld) for pairing chunky white sneakers with plaid Capri pants, but now you're seeing the wisdom and walkability of this move!

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  • Crying While Watching TV


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    Remember the days when you made fun of your mom for crying at Hallmark commercials and the ending of just about every Little House on the Prairie episode ever made? Well, now you sob like a baby at those Budweiser puppy and Clydesdale commercials and whisper a near-silent "I totally get it, Mom" as you wipe your nose.

  • Calling Everyone's Name -- Including the Pets' -- Before Getting the Right One


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    Remember how you were ready to stick your mom in a nursing home when she'd practically run through the whole family tree before saying the name of the kid she was actually calling? How many times have you even shouted your cat's name before landing on the right child? When your kids make fun of you, you quickly tell them that scientists should be devoting more time to explaining this phenomenon because some day it will happen to them!

  • Crossing Your Legs While Sneezing


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    Poor Mom! She'd sneeze unexpectedly and cross her legs in an attempt to not wet her pants. Yeesh! How embarrassing. But now, after multiple kids, you've learned the struggle is real!

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  • Complaining About Grocery Prices


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    Remember rolling your eyes as your mom would lament rising meat prices to anyone who'd listen? Now you're the one clipping coupons and searching the flyers for good deals. Maybe a call to Mom to thank her for showing you how to be a bargain-hunter is in order?

  • Singing the Wrong Lyrics in the Car


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    You still have flashbacks of your mom driving you and your friends to the teen dance, thinking she was cool, and singing along to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer." It was embarrassing enough already, but then she went and screamed out, "It doesn't make a difference if we're naked or not!" and your pals burst out laughing while you shouted out, "Mom! That is totally not what he's saying!!"

    But then you remember the day not too long ago when you were grooving along to Adele, singing, "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing penguins..." and your kids exploded with laughter in the backseat at your honest mistake.

  • Kissing in Public


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    It doesn't matter how tall your kids might get -- they'll always be your babies. Even though you wanted to die when your mom would try to kiss or cuddle you in public, now you totally get it!

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  • Handing Out Used Tissues


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    OMG, was there anything more disgusting than asking Mom for a tissue and having her hand you some gross, wrinkled thing from the bottom of her purse that clearly had been used before? Now, as a mom, you get that sometimes a recycled tissue is better than no tissue, so you do the exact same thing!


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