10 Things You Made Fun of Your Mom for Doing ... That You Totally Do Now

embarrassing mom moments Poor moms! Sometimes even when they're busy taking care of us by kissing boo-boos, helping with homework, sewing buttons, and fixing dinner, we may find ourselves making fun of some of their odd little quirks. That is, until we discover that we, as moms, are doing the exact things we mocked as kids.


You know what I'm talking about. Your mom would be stirring a pot of spaghetti with mismatched socks over each shoulder because she went in search of their mates and then got distracted. Instead of laughing at her, now we empathize as we find ourselves doing all the same wacky stuff!

In a classic case of what goes around comes around, see if you poked fun at your poor mom for doing these things -- only to find you've turned into her clone ...


Image via CREATISTA/Shutterstock