Stunning Photography Series Sheds Light on Kids With Rare Diseases (PHOTOS)

The Rare Project

Raising a child with any sort of illness can be incredibly difficult, but parents of kids with rare diseases face a particular set of challenges. Not only do they struggle with the same fears surrounding their children's health, they also might struggle to find support and understanding from a largely uneducated public. That's why UK-based photographer Ceridwen Hughes started "The Rare Project" -- to shed light on these beautiful kids and their families.


Hughes was inspired to devote much of her work to raising awareness about the lives of kids with rare diseases when her son Isaac was diagnosed with Moebius syndrome. "People often make judgments based on what they expect him to be able to do and sometimes they do not take the time to get to know the real child," Hughes told us. "Isaac is funny, determined, bright, and really caring. Those who do not see beyond his condition are poorer for it."

That's why she decided to start The Rare Project, a series featuring photos of Welsh and English kids with rare diseases. "I want to try to break down some of the barriers that exist for those with disabilities and rare diseases in particular," said Hughes. "Often the person taking part in the project has never had a portrait taken before because they may be nervous or have challenging behavior. It does not matter what condition each person has, they are ultimately still people -- with their own likes and dislikes -- and they deserve to have a voice."

And after seeing these photos, you'll never forget a single one of them.


Image courtesy Ceridwen Hughes/The Rare Project

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