'Don't Steal My Baby Name!': 20 Moms Get Real About Being 'Robbed'


After carrying a baby for what felt like an eternity, all a mom wants to do is enjoy her little one and the fruits of her ahem labor. She took the time to decorate the nursery, buy the tiny clothes, baby-proof the kitchen, and read many, many, baby name lists to prepare. Of all the decisions a mom has to make, choosing a name has to be in the top five most challenging to wrestle. After poring over those lists and finally making a decision, moms finally feel a little ownership over this new and exciting time in their lives. And of course, they want to share their revelation with the ones they love. Too bad someone -- who seems like a friend or family member -- can sometimes do the unthinkable and ruin that decision entirely. What could they have done, pray tell? That person has used the same baby name before the excited mom could. HOLD UP, what?


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In the words of Full House's Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

No, seriously, that's pretty damn rude -- especially if a new mama proudly showed off that name, had it on full display at the baby shower (hey, those letter balloons add up), and spent endless hours customizing her son's or daughter's nursery. Or, what about if a mom was holding on to a name, and someone who give birth before her beats her to it? Not cool, other mom!

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While this doesn't exactly justify World War III, it has been known to cause a rift in relationships. See how these moms dealt with being a victim of baby name theft. They might just help others to process the many stages of baby-name theft grief. 

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