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14 Tooth Fairy Fail Notes That Show You're Not the Only Slacker Mom (PHOTOS)

Being a Mom Tanvier Peart Feb 24, 2016

funny tooth fairy fail

When children lose a tooth, they expect immediate payment without explanation or delay. It doesn't matter if the Tooth Fairy is having a bad day, is dealing with car troubles, or just flat-out forgot. Oh no, dear parents, this is pretty serious business.

Kids and parents have been known to write some pretty hilarious letters. Here's a look at some fun Tooth Fairy notes, written by kids with questions, and parents who admittedly screwed up, and all the craziness in between.

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2"Tired wings"

Do children not realize that the Tooth Fairy stays busy? After waiting for four days to collect her money, a little girl got fed up with the Tooth Fairy -- and decided to write a letter. Mom's guilt-ridden response is honest, and likely not a good excuse for her tot.

4Tooth penalties & fees

Hahaha, you have to give this kid an A for effort. He really did try to get $298 from the Tooth Fairy so he could buy an iPad. Too bad that didn't fly, as he received a super funny response -- including tooth fees and penalties explaining why that $298 turned into $5.

12The old "switcheroo"

Just when you think you're going to outsmart Dad, he pulls a fast one on you. A son had no idea his father swapped his tooth for money, before asking him to hide it in a box for the Tooth Fairy to find. Score: Dad, 1, son, 0.

13"I need money"

Accidents are going to happen. Sometimes, kids will literally lose their tooth, but still want their money. Annisa happens to be one of those children who's not afraid to keep it real. The Tooth Fairy owes her $1, and she wants her money ... now.

14Had your period and a headache? Who cares!

"Sorry about your period and headache. I was very and still am disappointed in you." Wow! Tell us how you really feel? Danielle spared no feelings writing this "I don't care about your period" letter to the Tooth Fairy.

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