Mom Gets 4 Babies Ready for Bed & We're Exhausted Watching Her (VIDEO)

There are moms -- you know, moms, us moms, putting our one or two kids to bed, easy peasy, time for TV -- but then there are moms like this amazing mom. A mom with triplets and a toddler, who manages to get them all ready for bed without collapsing and/or crying. 


Check out how amazing she is. And then feel free to curl up for a little nap, because you'll probably need one after watching her in action. 

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

So, first of all, how she manages to have four kids on one bed is beyond me, because when my kid was little I could barely keep her on the bed without her trying to roll off of it. 

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And she manages to get them all into little pajamas, and you know PJs like these have roughly a gazillion snaps.

And she does all this, and not a single one of her kids is crying! That in itself is amazing. 

And then she does what any mom would do in this situation: collapses. I hope this mom gets all the wine and all the snacks and all of her favorite shows to binge-watch, and, most importantly, I hope someone else actually puts the babies to bed! 


Image via The Baby Gang / Facebook

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