Celebrating the Next Generation of Strong Women & the Dads Who Love Them

a girl and her father

That special daddy-daughter bond is quite something - more than you might even realize! Research shows that quality time spent with dads is key in raising daughters who are more self-confident, self-reliant and more successful in school and in their careers. 

In an ongoing commitment to celebrate and enable women’s strength, Pantene partnered with three NFL dads - New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson, Pittsburgh Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams and Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten - to help give other dads the tools to spend more quality time with their daughters. 

Watch the adorable ways these tough-guy dads sweetly bond with their little girls as they do their daughters' hair!

So cute, right? Now check out the Pantene YouTube page for even more "Dad-Do" episodes!


How do your daughters bond with their dad each day? (Or how did you bond with your own father as a little girl?) 

Image ©iStock.com/pixelheadphoto

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