Mom's Drawing of 'What's on Her Mind' Shows the Struggle Is All Too Real

Mom's drawing about what she thinks about is beyond hilarious

If you're a mother, you already know how real the struggle is to keep up with "Mom brain." Did I turn off the coffee pot? Are all the kids' school projects done? Did I leave the laundry in the washing machine again? It's not uncommon to stay up until the wee hours going over your never-ending to-do list. Well, an unnamed mom drew a picture of all her thoughts, and it's seriously the best thing you'll see today.


"My boobs won't stay in my bra (they betray me)."

Stephen, whom we can only assume is Mom's husband (seeing as his name has hearts around it, and Mom wrote "we should do it now," let's hope it is!), wanted to know what was on his wife's mind.

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And after asking her to draw what she's thinking, this was the end result:

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There are so many "ain't that the truth" moments, it's hard to find a place to start.

"Did that person look @ me funny? Am I looking @ them funny? Judgy ppl suck ... am I judgy?"

"Where is that ONE thing I can't find from 2 yrs. ago?"

"Lose weight, nvm. Food is awesome, nvm. It's the devil."

"My kids are so awesome + evil at the same time."

"I want a milkshake ..."

YES, Mom, yassss!

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I think my husband knows better than to ask me a question like this. God knows I'm long-winded and scatterbrained as is -- and would likely make a PowerPoint presentation ... and print out a few handouts.

Moms might overthink things from time to time, but guess what, we get shit done.


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