10 'Reply-All' Nightmares to Remind You to Check (& Recheck) Before Hitting Send

Wendy Robinson | Feb 12, 2016 Being a Mom

woman upsetThere are few moments in life more sickening than when you realize you just hit "reply-all" and sent a very inappropriate message to a much bigger audience than you intended.

Whether it was at work or via text, it only takes a second to hit the wrong button. But, as these women can report, sometimes it can take a long time to repair the damage caused by a misfired message.

Read on for all the cringeworthy tales!


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  • Sister Alert



    "I am one of five sisters and we constantly have group texts or emails going back and forth. My littlest sister is known for being a drama queen and was going on and on about some trivial thing. I meant to email my other sister and instead responded to the whole group.

    "Nothing makes a drama queen act MORE like a drama queen than being called a drama queen. She was pissed for weeks." -- D.F.

  • Work Tip



    "Pro-tip: If you are going to say in an email that your boss reminds you of a drag queen crossed with Sarah Palin, maybe check first that she isn't on the list of people getting the email. Yikes." -- I.P.

  • No Joke


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    "My boss sent out an email to our entire company of over 500 people. Something he said reminded me of a funny GIF, so I meant to send it to my cube mate. Yeah, reply-all'd a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence rolling her eyes. I got written up for that." -- N.R.

  • Mommy Dearest


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    "His mom sent us a guilt trip email about never getting to see our kids. I replied to my husband that if she wanted to see them so bad, maybe she should 'get her ass in the car instead of complaining about it.'

    "Did I reply-all? Yes, I did. SO awkward."

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  • The Affair


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    "I'm super good friends with a guy at my work. But ONLY friends. Never had a hint of attraction.

    "One day HE hit reply-all to a long email thread about some boring work stuff with a super dirty joke. The joke was meant for me, but everyone saw it and then there were rumours for months that we were having an affair. It was pretty awful, actually." -- C.S.

  • Oh, Baby



    "I'm on a listserv for a local mom's group. There is always drama brewing and fights going about hot-button issues (just say the word 'vaccine' and watch the explosions happen). After one long thread from a total sancti-mommy, I sent a snarky message to my BFF. Only I accidentally replied to the whole listserv.

    "I was so embarrassed, mostly because my message was pretty mean about the fact that the sancti-mommy's baby had a giant nose. Making fun of a baby really doesn't win you friends in the mommy group." -- K.L.

  • Fired



    "My reply-all incident got me fired! Never, ever compare your boss to a piece of male anatomy in email. Trust me on this one." -- G.T.

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  • Getting Lucky


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    "My husband and I were in marriage counseling and our counselor sent us an email with some suggestions for ways to improve our intimacy. I accidentally responded to her and my husband with a VERY lewd suggestion involving our video camera and some battery-operated equipment.

    "I didn't realize I had done it until she replied back that she thought that was 'a great idea! That's the spirit!'

    SO embarrassing." -- L.N.

  • The Picture



    "My husband and I work in the same office. I won't go into details, but thanks to a rogue email, he is no longer the only person in my office to have seen a picture of my boobs." -- K.B.

  • Show Me the Money



    "I am the HR/payroll person for a small company. I was working one day and then heard my boss swearing from his office.

    "He stormed out to my desk, telling me to check my email. It turned out that I had accidentally sent EVERYONE a document that listed everyone's salaries and social security numbers. Major privacy breach. I'm still surprised I wasn't fired on the spot." -- R.E.


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