Dad Sends Cute Dubsmashes to Working Mom So She Doesn't Miss Their Baby (VIDEO)

Give a parent with too much time on his hands and an adorable baby a Dubsmash account, and you will probably end up with a supercut like this. When Priscilla Bruce went back to work, her husband, a stay-at-home dad named Eric, sent her regular Dubsmash videos so she could see what their baby Jack was up to during the day.


Here's one dad who's obviously having too much fun being a dad. The result is pretty adorable. 

Jack and Dad cover everything from nature programs to Harry Potter to Vanilla Ice. I'm sure Jack's mom loved seeing all these videos of her little guy all put together like this while she was at work.

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The only problem with this video is now that Dad has made such a cute compilation of his son's first year, he has to get working on the second year. He basically has to do these Dubsmashes every day until little Jack turns 18.  


Image via Dr. Tofurky / YouTube

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