I Refuse to Stress Over When My Baby Hits His Milestones

African mother playing with her 11 months old son

With a baby and a toddler, I'm still a bit new to the parenting game. Like most new moms, I was all about documenting my firstborn's every move. Between "blowing raspberries," cracking a smile, and taking his first steps, if he did it, those in my inner circle knew about it. Since I had another baby, I find myself more relaxed about tracking all those darn milestones.


To be honest, I refuse to stress myself out about these things anymore.

I don't know what it is about becoming a parent, but when you have a baby, there's some inner competition that happens -- you feel an urgent need for your child to hit his or her monthly benchmarks, to feel reassured that everything's happening at the "right time."

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"I think our baby is doing okay," I remember telling my husband, who never seemed to care much about milestones.

"Unless they will guarantee him entry into Harvard, don't become one of these obsessed nuts," he responded.

He had a point. What parent -- or child "expert" for that matter -- can predict that a baby reaching milestones on or before the estimated time will automatically have a successful future?

They can't.

My now-2-year-old boy took his first steps when he was just 7 months, and my 8-month-old son is still crawling. Do I care that one "advanced" more quickly than the other?


In fact, I'm kinda hoping my second child remains a little baby for as long as possible. Although I've been trying to convince my husband three kids is the way to go, this might be my last time changing a poopy diaper, breastfeeding, and going through all the feels associated with little babies.

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As great as it is to see my boys play together, I'm enjoying my youngest in his baby stage. He doesn't run away from me when something else catches his eye yet, and he's still very dependent on me to do things for him.

Unless there's something specific I need to monitor -- for the sake of my baby's health -- I'm trying to live in the moment. Being the Virgo that I am, it's so hard for me to do ... but I'm working on it (baby steps, right?).

Why try to rush the future?

It will eventually occur.



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