'10 Little Monkeys' Parody Is a Brilliant Dig at Judgmental Moms

monkeysFew things are quite as amusing for entertainment-starved parents as making up adult-friendly parodies of standard nursery rhymes and kid songs -- especially when these updated ditties manage to poke a little lighthearted fun at some of the more insufferable mom types out there. A recent super-viral version of "10 Little Monkeys" does just that, and it'll leave you howling!


It all started with a Facebook post by mom Kate Blandford that went like this:

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OMG, it's funny because it's true!! As in, inspired by actual mom life experience. Blandford explained the genesis of her post to Scary Mommy thusly:

“My partner and I like to make ‘updated’ nursery rhymes for our 8-month-old daughter and I’m pretty big into the pro-vax communities, so it just sort of came together.”

Not only did it come together, but it also inspired a meme -- as well as a huge (and hilarious) string of additional verses by similarly minded moms on Reddit. Here are some of the best:

UGH, mom groups! We've all been that monkey mom with the banged-up kid at some point or another, haven't we? And we've all felt the harsh glare of judgment from all those seemingly super moms who've apparently never made the slightest parenting misstep.

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Of course, responding with ire to such condescension is only fighting fire with fire -- which is what makes posts and memes like this one so brilliant. Better to laugh than cry! And of course we're laughing with our rivals, right, ladies?



Image via Siddie Nam/Flickr

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