When Moms Treat Their Boss the Way Kids Treat Their Moms, This Is What Happens (VIDEO)

The BreakWomb - If Moms Treated Their Bosses The Way Kids Treat Their Moms

One of these days, our children are going to grow up and ask us if they really acted ... a little nuts when they were younger. Yes, kids will be kids -- but my, can you imagine if we tried to pull some of their antics as adults? The folks over at The BreakWomb created a hilarious video that shows what would happen if moms acted like children to their boss.


I'll bet pink slips would get handed out in real life, but this is pretty funny.

Don't try this in the office!


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"No, I don't want you to sign it. I want Don to sign it!"

"I don't want you!!! I want Don!!!"

Hahahaha, can you imagine?!

This video made my day, especially when the boss began counting down -- and everyone scattered like roaches.

Kids, gotta love 'em. Adults, however, who act like this?

Not so much.


Image via The BreakWomb/YouTube

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