The Internet Lost It Over This 'Good' Dad's Viral Pic & Now He Wants to Set the Record Straight

Doyin Richards is Daddy Doin' Work

Parents are awesome, and that pat on the back extends to both mothers and fathers. Yet, society always seems to be amazed whenever gents with children take care of them. Doyin Richards is a dad of two who kindly wants to remind people that men are great parents and don't need praise for basic parenting tasks.


"We have to raise the bar for what it means to be a good dad."

Well said.

While you might not remember Doyin's name, there's a good chance you probably saw the viral photo of this dad taking care of his daughters a few years ago. With his wife dashing off to work, Doyin put his youngest girl in a baby carrier and proceeded to do his eldest daughter's hair.

Needless to say, a photo like that gained tons of attention -- including media coverage and interviews. As thankful as Doyin was to help bring a face to fatherhood, he feels certain things shouldn't be a big deal.

Putting his thoughts to paper (or the keyboard), Doyin wrote a recent blog post on Upworthy, and it's something we should all read.

Most moms aren't asking for statues to be erected in their honor for taking their kids to the park, giving their babies baths, or waking up in the middle of the night to comfort their children. And neither should any dad.

It's very simple. If we see a dad doing something adorable with his children, we should pause and ask ourselves this important question: "Would I offer praise to a mom for doing the same thing?" If the answer is yes, then fire away. If the answer is no, then it's probably a good idea to keep it to ourselves.

He also adds:

Right now, there are thousands of dads across the globe doing something infinitely more difficult, cooler, or heartwarming than what I did that morning. We change diapers, we can braid our daughters' hair, and we are always there physically, emotionally, and spiritually for our children.

But here's more good news: If a photo similar to mine made the rounds on social media today, I doubt it would create such a stir. That's because it's not only cool to be a good dad, but it's expected to be one.

I also like what Doyin Richards has to say about letting dads parent in their own way. Sure, it might look a little different at times, but that doesn't mean it's not effective.

These guys are doing their best to navigate through challenges of fatherhood and shouldn't be demotivated. Just because the way we (dads) do things isn't the way others may choose to do them doesn't make it wrong. It makes it different.

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Since his viral post, Doyin heads up the site Daddy Doin' Work that shows awesome fathers in action. As the men of DDW believe, "real men don't babysit their kids, they raise them."

Happy Friday. #TeamDDW #daddydoinwork

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If we're serious about dismantling gender stereotypes, and teaching our children that boys and girls are equal, we might want to include dads in this branding remix.

Yes, certain abilities may come more naturally to certain people, but that doesn't mean it should be assumed they're gender-specific -- or that any man or woman is incapable of seeing good results.

Between the two of us, my husband is the babywearer (I hate contraptions and would rather carry a child in my arms). He's also the one who feeds our two kids (except for the little one's milk -- Mama still nurses). While we split parenting tasks between the two of us, I'm not awestruck by his ability to cook, or do "motherly things."

Coming from a household of mainly women, I'll admit I felt a little nervous at the thought of being the only lady in my household (I'm outnumbered, but love it). And yes, if the situation were reverse, I'm sure my husband would probably look to me for advice on certain things -- assuming he didn't already have two sisters.

I don't think there's anything wrong with giving someone props. But just as many ladies don't want special recognition or credit for doing something just because they're women, the same idea should go for men, and fathers too.

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Thankfully, times are a-changing. One can only hope that it won't be considered "babysitting" whenever a dad watches his own child solo. And who knows, maybe it won't be a big deal the next time we see fathers packing their kids' lunches, sitting in PTA meetings, or demanding public bathroom changing tables.

I commend anyone who does his or her best to raise a child. Mom, Dad, guardian, or otherwise.



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