32 Shocking Babysitting Fails -- and How to Avoid Them (PHOTOS)

32 Shocking Babysitting Fails -- and How to Avoid Them (PHOTOS)

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We’ve all heard the horror stories. The sitter that watched the entire season of Homeland instead of watching the kids. The one who crushed on the kids’ dad. The one who drank on duty. It could be enough to want to never hire a caregiver again. But without one, when do you get to actually get things done — or to have a night out without kids’ menus and crayons?

For a few laughs, we’ve collected 32 of the craziest babysitter stories you ever heard. And it’s not just the sitters who were at fault. Some parents have made pretty ridiculous demands of their kids’ caregivers too!

But trust us, these extreme stories aren’t the norm — and you can totally avoid them happening to you. We’ve got advice for that too. Because you could use some time away from the kids. Read on.

  • Crazy Babysitting Fails


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    Everyone has their deal breakers, especially when it comes to trusting someone around their kid. You’ve got to read these 7 babysitter fails that were so bad, moms were left with no choice but to can the sitter.

  • Unbelievable Sitter Demands


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    The nerve of some people! You will not believe the outrageous demands 14 totally selfish babysitters made.

  • … And Ridiculous Parent Requests


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    But it’s not just sitters. Parents have made some wacky requests too. Still, hiring a babysitter doesn’t have to be a fail on your part — or theirs.

  • Avoiding Babysitting Fails


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    To make hiring a babysitter a positive experience, you've got to ask the right questions. Luckily, experts shared with us the important Qs most of us forget to ask.

  • Keeping the Sitter Happy


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    Once you’ve found a sitter you trust, you’ll want to keep them happy with your arrangement. If you follow a few simple rules, it can be such a positive experience, they’ll want to become your go-to sitter. Just imagine all the date nights in your future.

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