5 Steps to a Romantic Date Night When You Have Kids (PHOTOS)

5 Steps to a Romantic Date Night When You Have Kids (PHOTOS)

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There’s no denying that a date night can be just the thing parents need to unwind, connect, and incite a little romance. An evening of grown-up conversation, with no spit-up or spilled juice involved? How awesome does that sound right now?

If you have an upcoming a date night with your partner, this is big. You don’t want to waste this opportunity on a ho-hum night out. Take these 5 steps to perfect — and spice up — your next date night.

  • Make a Great Plan



    Get inspiration from other couples who had the best date nights ever. Depending on your and your partner’s ideas of a good time, the ultimate date night could be something as simple as riding bikes and eating burritos or going on an overnight trip to a big city.

  • Call a Sitter


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    Finding someone reliable to watch the small ones isn’t always as easy as it sounds. That’s why we pulled together these do’s and don’ts for hiring a babysitter. We promise there’s someone out there who actually won’t mind doing fun activities with your kids, won’t judge you if you have a sink full of dirty dishes, oh and most importantly, knows what to do if there’s an emergency.

  • Send Some Sexts


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    Ready to build anticipation for the big event? Start some phone-to-phone flirting — in the ways parents know to do best.

  • Order a Few Aphrodisiacs


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    Once your date night is underway, of course you’re going to want to eat something delicious. What if it can also get you two feeling extra lusty? Seriously, these seven foods are known to make sex better. Worth a shot!

  • Do Something Subtly (or Not-So-Subtly) Sexy


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    You don't have to step out of your comfort zone to get your guy in the mood. In fact, guys confessed the unintentionally sexy things they love about their partners, and most of them are pretty sweet. Just be you, remind him of some things that made him fall in love with you, and you'll both be ready to continue the romance in the bedroom.

    Hopefully, the kids are already asleep when you get home.

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