22 Things That Go Through a Mom's Mind When Her Baby Wakes Up Crying

Beautiful newborn baby lying in his bed

Nothing will make a new mother leap out of her slumber like hearing her baby cry. There's sort of a sixth sense women develop that gives us the ability to shoot out of bed at the moment that first wail begins. If only we could slow down our thoughts every time we hear our child cry in the middle of the night.


Sound like you? Honey, you're not alone. I've been there too, and I can recall many a time running into the nursery trying to get to my baby stat. In fact, there's a good chance your mind probably goes into hyperdrive and it goes a little something like this:

1. OMG, my baby needs me! I have to get up and act -- fast!

2. Wait, what time is it? I'm sooo sleepy, but my body was built for this. (I think ... Nope, it was!)

3. Who's turn is it to get the baby?

4. Crap, did I leave out the bottles and stuff? 

5. Geez, how can my spouse/partner sleep through those cries?!

6. Too many thoughts, baby's still crying. Mama's coming!

7. What did I do with that darn nursing pillow?

8. I'm not moving fast enough!

9. Did I remember to lock the front door?

10. I'm here ... and baby is still crying? Don't take it personally, baby.

11. My baby looks okay. Probably needs a diaper change and some milk. Diaper. Milk. Burp. I'll figure it out.

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12. I wonder if my neighbors hear my baby crying? Oh, who cares, I have a newborn. Such is life.

13. (As you're changing your newborn.) Should I pull up my baby app and look for middle-of-the-night tips? Don't want to miss anything. Nah, I'll be okay.

14. Why is my baby still crying? Wait, how do you do that swaddle thing again? Ugh, it's too late (or is it early?) to think! Let me YouTube it.

15. I wonder if other babies sleep better through the night?

16. (Baby is still crying) Okay, time to sing.

17. (Baby is still crying) Okay, time to sway.

18. (Baby is still crying) Okay, time to sing, sway, play music ... the works!

19. Should I call the pediatrician? No, it's not an emergency. Babies cry ... I'll give it another 30 minutes.

20. My precious child, your diaper is changed, and you ate. For the love of all that's good, why are you still crying?

Baby burps and falls asleep.

21. Seriously? Please, oh please, don't wake up again.

22. All right, Mom. Getting the hang of this. If only I can get back to a deep sleep before the next time baby wakes. I'm sooo tired.



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