We Asked Kids to Name '80s Rock Stars & Here's What Happened

Eve Vawter | Jan 18, 2016 Being a Mom

Get ready to feel really old. Your kids have no idea who the rock stars you grew up with are! 

Chances are, if you showed your kids a pic of Adele or Kanye, they may be able to name them. Parents love music: We let our kids dance to music videos; we choose the clean versions of pop music for our Spotify playlists. But some of the music we grew up with that dominated MTV back in the day when they used to actually play music videos? Your kids have no idea who these weird pop stars are.


Images: Joan Jett: Chris Walter/Getty Images; MJ: Fin Costello/Getty Images; Boy George: Bettmann/Corbis; Bowie: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; Madonna: Michael Putland/Getty Images; Prince: Phil Ramey/Corbis; John Taylor: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis; Mike Score: Ron Wolfson/Getty Images; Gene Simmons:  Reuters/Corbis; Adam Ant: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

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