We Asked Kids Under 6 to Tell Us Who David Bowie Is & Here's What Happened

With the sad news of David Bowie's passing, we lost an icon. He was so revolutionary in so many ways, and our kids have no musical genius they will grow up with who will compare to Bowie's legacy. He was one of a kind, a true original, and if you have a kid under the age of 6, he or she probably has no idea who he is. 


We showed kids under the age of 6 the above photo of David Bowie and asked them what they thought his name was, and their replies are pretty hilarious. 

"Starr" -- Joesph, age 4 

"Sombrero" -- Penelope, age 6

"Rocky" -- Hunter, age 6 

"Betsey Girl" -- Felix, age 3 

"Jimmy Hulu" -- Zelda, age 3½

"THAT'S THE GOBLIN KING!" -- Romaine, age 3

Awesome work, Romaine! 

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It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I'm going with Betsey Girl. A lot of you Bowie fans know what a wonderful sense of humor he had, and I think he'd be amused that little kids think his name is "Sombrero." I like to think that one day these kids will become surly teens and will be digging through their parents' Spotify playlists and come across Bowie and have their minds blown. 

Or, you parents could start their education early and make sure they know who Bowie is from the time they start to crawl. 


Image Via Michael Putland/Getty Images

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