The Hard, Cold Truth About Those Dirty Diapers You See in Public Places

Have you ever seen a random dirty diaper somewhere? Like in a store parking lot or on the side of the road or somewhere (anywhere) other than where it belongs (a trash receptacle)? You may be wondering what type of monster leaves a dirty diaper anywhere but a garbage can and why they would do this. 


Well, I'm here to give you all the reasons why parents leave dirty diapers where they shouldn't be. 

In a Shopping Cart 


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This mom was buying paper towels, some Advil, a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector, and a copy of Love Smart: Find the One You Want -- Fix the One You Got by Phil McGraw for her aunt Dottie's birthday when suddenly she realized her newborn son had a blowout diaper. She placed her wailing son on the passenger seat and quickly changed him. She placed her baby in his car seat and the diaper in the cart and was just about to wheel it over to the garbage can next to the cart return when suddenly her cell phone rang. Oh no! Aunt Dottie fell and broke her hip -- and on her birthday, no less! So this mom had to speed to the hospital and totally forgot to throw the diaper away! 

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 On an Airplane 

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On a recent flight to London from Columbus, Ohio, this dad was exhausted. Not only had his daughter cried nonstop for two hours, but he also had to deal with glares and nasty comments from his fellow passengers. It was only when the plane was preparing for landing that he realized it was a diaper that was making his daughter fussy. He changed her as discreetly as he could and stood up to make his way to the bathroom to dispose of it.

"Sir, you need to take your seat! The captain has turned on the seat belt sign and we have started our descent into London!"

With a sigh, the man took his seat and buckled his seat belt and cradled his now-sleeping daughter in his lap. Unbeknownst to him, the diaper had fallen to the floor, to be forgotten in the bustle of departure.

On a Cutting Board 

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This is not a cutting board. This is just the newest advancement in changing-table technology: a hand-carved, eco-friendly, gently sanded changing table. In the kitchen. Next to the sugar.

Right by Your Car Door 

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This is what you get for parking in "Expectant Mothers and Mothers With Small Children" parking spaces, pal.

Surrounded by Empties 

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Being trapped at home with a newborn is never fun, and it had been roughly 13 months since even the tiniest sip of alcohol had passed this mom's lips. Who cares that she couldn't find a sitter? But none of her friends were very excited to see the little interloper she had brought with. 

"Oh. You brought your baby? To go to the bar?" 

The friends decided just to hit the party mart and buy some Natty Light and toast the new addition to their crew. Little did they know that by the end of the night our new mom would be puking in the bushes while someone changed her baby's diaper and left the remains next to the empties in the parking lot. 

Part Two


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 And her shoes. Don't judge her! 

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